Doctor Octopus

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Doctor Octopus

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Aliases: Doc Ock, Dr.O etc
Real name: Unknown
Interests: Unknown
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Doctor Octopus was once a proud member of the MFGG EZboards. Although he rarely contributed anything to the community he was quite a hard poster and would always state his thoughts on matters at hand. He attempted to defend MFGG during the Great Kyle Flamewar when tried to delete everything (Although many are unaware of this, a chatlog exists).

Good friends with Cutman, Kritter and Mugenmidget, his personality stood out towards the other members. Unfortunatily he got bored of MFGG and moved on to other things, however Cutman and Kritter still talk to him via messenger.

Doctor Octopus also made forum Rivals with Yoshiman (to apparently steal his kittens).


  • Doctor Octopus was the one who showed Cutman The Face, so it's his fault Cutman never shuts up about it.
  • Doctor Octopus also created the longest topic (named as "I am new") in the whole of MFGG in his first post in the EZboard forums.
  • He also failed to believe that Kyle/Keera was hacked by Lexef due to they were almost identical during IM discussions.
  • Doctor Octopus has been seen posting rarely around the forum, usually to back Cutman up for something or laugh at new members.

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