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The Challenges are a series of contests hosted by ShadowMan that took place in the Pointless Post Palace. The goal is not clear, though the winner of the contest is always declared the "Grand Supreme Triple Waffle Champion".

Gladiator Challenge

The first "challenge" was the Gladiator Challenge. For 45 minutes, a sub-forum opened up in the Pointless Post Palace that people could flood and spam. After 45 minutes, the person with the most number of topics (this was not stated before hand) became the "Grand Supreme Triple Waffle Champion". Paratroopa won this challenge.

Pirate Challenge

The second "challenge" was the Pirate Challenge. Two sub-forums opened: "Pirate Ship" and "Ninja Ship". The goal was to flood one of the forums more than the other. Those in favor of pirates would flood the Ninja Ship, and vice versa. The Pirates won by nearly 600 topics. Though Admiral Delmore made the most topics (nearly 1600), he was not declared the "Grand Supreme Triple Waffle Champion" for unknown reasons. Ugoff was given this title.

Lumberjack Challenge

Later on, ShadowMan began the Lumberjack challenge. The goal was simple: The post frequency flood control was disabled, and one topic was created. The goal was to post as many times in that topic as you could. In the end, around 4,000 replies were tallied in the hour allotted. The winner, however, was the one who posted the LEAST amount of times. The winner was Retriever II, with a grand total of one post.

It is interesting to point out that Shadowman made the Lumberjack challenge board as a sub-board to the PPP, and so all those posts counted toward each user's overall post count. ShadowMan manually corrected this after the challenge ended.

Fisherman Challenge

A unique approach: One thread was created. The first person to post in that thread would be the loser. The second person to reply would be in third, the third person to reply would be in second, and the fourth person to reply would be in first. While anticipated that the thread would carry on for a long indefinate period as so no one would get the first post and be the loser, somebody did, and immediately after, five more posts were made, ending the challenge. This was the shortest PPP challenge yet, averaging no more than two minutes.

Anarchy Challenge

Retriever II had a challenge of his own in order to stress test the new server. A dummy version of the MFGG forums was set up on the new server with flood control disabled. Whoever posted the most won. SonicProject won the title of Grand Supreme Triple Waffle Champion.

Lifeguard Challenge

ShadowMan's next challenge was the Lifeguard Challenge. A calculus problem (supplied by Retriever II) was displayed across the forum.

Six topics were made, each with a possible answer. Flood control was disabled, and users were allowed to flood the topic that they thought contained the correct answer. Though not publicly announced, the person who made the third-most number of posts would win the title of Grand Supreme Triple Waffle Champion. Med Piranha won this challenge.

Baker Challenge

Immediately before going to sleep, ShadowMan created a subforum with no flood control enabled and a single thread. When he woke up the next morning, he would, without checking the boards, disable posting. The last poster would win. However, within an hour or two, the forums nearly crashed and Retriever II ended the challenge. Über n00ber was declared the Grand Supreme Triple Waffle Champion.

Communist Challenge

Five forums were set up. To win, the person had to be the last person to post in the forum with the middle ammount of topics posted. (that is to say, if the five forums had 54, 56, 65, 12, and 102 threads, the number in the middle, 56, would be the winning forum.) For reasons unknown, Shadowman has not revealed the winner of the challenge.

More challenges?

ShadowMan has not denied that, at a later date, there will be another "challenge".