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Aliases: Uber, Über, Uub, n00ber, Ubsie, boober, Uber boober, Bob Ross, Bobobo, boobsie, Metal Ashura, Metal, Ashura, MA, Vampiro, Vamp, V, Punk
Interests: SVH
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Über n00ber is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on February 15th, 2005.


Originally a member at Sonic Fan Games Headquarters (SFGHQ) and The Moogle Cavern (MC), Duckboy first informed Uber, as well as others on SFGHQ and MC, of Mario Fan Games Galaxy. He always said something about it being much better or much funnier of a forum. At the time Uber was known as Metal Ashura and did not have much interest in other forums at that time.

He tried to join the MC in December of 2004 and was later forcibly kicked off just minutes after joining by an angered brother, Blues the squirrel. He then set out to see how he could get in there and made a test account at MFGG to see if he could mess with his IP/ISP so that his brother couldn't immediately notice. After about 15 min looking around the forums he noticed that the spam board there was much more active and fun so he soon forgot about his original mission and decided to stay at MFGG.

Time on the Invision Forums

He did not make a typical "hi I'm knew" topic and automatically proceeded to post in the spam board known as the Pointless Post Palace. Since his first post was made moments after the banning of (Turdlantic/JBL?) and in the same topic, he was immediately suspected to be a duplicate account, but it was proven false by the administration through a simple IP check.

After browsing around for a moment Uber noticed the Soveryhappy emotion and immediately loved everything about it. He later created a popular and well-known topic called "The SVH picture vault". This topic started out with some minor edits of other members pictures in sigs/avys and turning them into SVH by him and a few flames about how SVH was an overused fad. Over time all the members got into it and the topic was flooded with edited pics. It was one of the well-known topics to be bumped back on the Invision MFGG Forums.

During Uber's time on MFGG he has made some friends such as Mug (mostly through Maple Story), Biddy & Binky (mostly through Command and conquer Generals: Zero Hour), Mecha, Kitsune Yamato, Avi, OSM, Msonic, and others. Uber was a part of coloring a very popular comic at the time known as "MFGG High", a project started by Kitsune. The project was shortly canceled after 5 pages with only 3 being reviled. Uber still holds that memory as the best times of MFGG. He also joined Team SVH and TUT. Even though these factions are some what dead, he thought the team wars ideas could still be put to use.

Problems with MFGG

Since Uber joined in early 2005, only when he first joined was it ever the funnest as at this time Uber believed it was sort of the forums decline as it was starting to fill with new people that he just couldn't accept (not including a VERY small amount)as well as some older members he just hated. It was also near the time after some of the elder members were starting to leave. He also hated some of the new things coming and he also hated the forum (but not necessarily the COMMUNITY, or rather: the OLD community, so to speak) and how it's became an area of what he called "n00b breeding ground". He believes that this was mostly the fault of new members misusing the PPP and older members going along with actions he would have never thought they'd do.

He was also very aggravated with the new choices, unnecessary (but needed) restrictions due to newer members abusing the freedom that was once there, and especially with the new appointed team of staff/mods/admins. Uber especially hated how most staff seem to put on a non-caring attitude to the forum and as if they're all forced to come here like it's there job. He wanted the good happy get together, and for the forums to not act like the 9 year old community that he signed up with way back when. However most of that community had already left or has splintered of into many other forums.

Preparing to leave

Finally in May of 2007 Uber found what he thought was an amazing forum. Its name was MFGGU (or just the U for short.) He first went in to it's now dead and gone playpen and then was PM'd by Press Start after a few weeks that he was now a member. Uber liked the U and how the members there just have fun and play online games. He sees it as a sort of small group, friends, a family area where he can goof off with some people that can take it. He also agreed with most of their opinions on MFGG and how it needs to be improved.

Uber had been thinking of either leaving right away for the U or just waiting till he gathers up the motivation to re-start MFGG High, finish that, and then leave. However, from the looks of things, he has most likely left for the U.

MFGG Ideas

Uber has had many MFGG related Ideas sprout into his head. However Uber was just too lazy to finish, do, or even implement some, if not ANY of them.

  • MFGG Team wars (parody of AW:DS)
  • TUT the rising (Parody of Fire Emblem)
  • MFGG: SVH depths (Parody of Disgaea)
  • MFGG Brawl (Was meant to be a 3-D like fighter. Was gonna ask for help in mixing some good 3d fighters into 1. And no I didn't come up with the name because of SSBB. I though it up way before that.)
  • MFGG vs PT: Clash of the Spriters! (Parody of MvC. was gonna mix in some decent fighting engines.)
  • MFGG vs PT 2: New age of Users (Parody of MvC 2. Was gonna have help mixing some godly fighters into one.)
  • MFGG-High (Was an actual comic started by Kitsune. Was soon canceled due to too many requests and stress. He had everything planned out, and was making each volume into the new term.)
  • MFGG-afterhigh (Series after MFGG High. "You'll have to wait and find out~ :3" -Uber)
  • MFGG 10 years (Obviously an Idea stolen from Mechas "MFGG jukebox hero" comic. "same as above sexy ;O;" -Uber)

Uber prayed for motivation to come onto him one day. Unfortunately that day never came while he was at MFGG because of his lack of motivation to be motivated.