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Aliases: M. Bison, geneyuss2, Spoon, 天才2, MegaMan X
Interests: Sprites, Spriting, MegaMan, Legend of Zelda, food, golf, tennis
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BullockDS (aka M. Bison) is a very weird individual. He's a good person and is usually lighthearted, but sometimes gets pretty unpleasant. He's also pretty good at spriting, especially Mario Golf, and is the only person to fully rip Wario from Wario Land 2. BullockDS isn't stupid, he just does stupid stuff a lot. BullockDS didn't appear in the current iteration of the MFGG forums until March 9th, 2016.

3 Month Ban?

On December 10th, 2006, BullockDS asked for a 3 hour ban. Trasher said 3 months. BullockDS, thinking Trasher was joking, "went along with it" and was banned, for 3 months. This is all that shall be said of the particular event.

BullockDS Vs. Sonicproject

On May 28th, 2007, SonicProject made a topic in the Pointless Post Palace called "Spoon Dear", complaining about BullockDS's signature. (Specifically, about the Kevin Triebel quotes BullockDS had at the time.) The two kept on arguing, and BullockDS kept changing his signature to say stuff such as "There SP, Happy? Goddamn." Apparently, this was too huge an issue a simple PM could have been used for. Luckily, Captain Jeff Silvers locked the topic, and didn't ban either party.

BullockDS stops arguing with SP nowadays.


  • BullockDS constantly says "I'll see you all at 3:15!". It's even his member title. What is it? The world may never know.
  • BullockDS may love Street Fighter, as evidenced by his name M. Bison, but his favorite game is Super Mario 64. (In fact, nothing replaces SM64 on his list, except maybe Super Mario Galaxy. Let's see.)
  • Lysol gets rid of 99.9 of household germs.
  • BullockDS thinks it is a crime that he got banned for calling Vir (or Piratehog at the time) a "hypocrite"; his basis is that calling somebody a "hypocrite" does not constitute as flaming and trolling at the same time.