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Aliases: Master Vir (GameBanana, Gaia Online, Flickr), MasterVir (deviantART), NinjaVir (YouTube), Lyle Piratehog IV (2006 - 2008)
Interests: Video gaming, LEGO building, spriting, drawing
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Vir (formerly Lyle Piratehog IV) is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on June 9th, 2007 under the username Lyle Piratehog IV. He's a moderately nice guy, but has been shown to get angry a lot in the past (he still gets really angry while playing Team Fortress 2). In contrast to most other MFGGers, he actually takes time in capitalizing and punctuating his posts and will not hesitate in fixing any errors he forgot to fix before posting his message. His username is the Latin translation of the words "hero" and "man of courage".


Back in 2006 when Vir was still a member on Drshnaps Productions, he created a character which consisted of nothing more than Sonic with a shirt and a bandana. In 2007, he realized how much his character sucked and altered the eyes, gloves, quills, shoes, and also added jeans. Vir then realized that his character still sucked, so he scrapped it altogether. Because he was 10 years old when he created his character, he lacked maturity and was known to explode (metaphorically) often. His original character is going to be recycled in the future (with an altered design and new last name) for one of his future "projects".


In 2009, a year after Vir left an abusive forum community outside of MFGG, he changed his attitude and became calmer and more laid back (on the Internet, that is).

On February 19th, his new character was unveiled in the form of a sprite sheet, and in March, an amateur drawing was posted. On April 3rd, a GIMP drawing was created in the style of the titular characters in Yin Yang Yo!, intended to mirror the MS Paint drawings done by other MFGGers. The reason behind the use of an animal is not because he's a furry, but because he sucks at drawing humans. Later that year, it was replaced with an image done by Tek (seen above) which was originally made as part of a drawing collage.

The new character, aptly named "Pierce", will be drawn in the style of the characters of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Current Projects

Vir has started making an unnamed MegaMan Battle Network fangame that probably won't be finished.

Fun Facts

  • He was originally named Lyle Piratehog IV, a Sonic fan character he created at age 10. Because he was heavily medicated at the time, he was prone to succumbing to extreme anger and had a notable lack of rational thought and his mind was incapable of processing criticism as helpful. Two years later, he dropped his original handle and made a new fan character.
  • He succumbs to peer pressure easily; he started playing Team Fortress 2 and other PC games only because most other MFGGers play them.
  • In real life, he has high intelligence, strength, speed, and endurance, which is negatively balanced by being overweight (only his family seems to notice this). He's trying to overcome this by exercise.
  • He rarely takes pictures of himself with his face exposed.
  • He loves costumes and the idea of taking on a different identity. However it's more of an interest than a fetish.
  • He is very hard to scare and even likes the artificial, humanoid appearance of dolls, unlike most people who are terrified of them.