Super Mario: Blue Twilight DX

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Super Mario: Blue Twilight DX
Developer(s) BlazeHedgehog
Announce Date
Release Date
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Multimedia Fusion
Platform Windows
Status Released

Super Mario: Blue Twilight DX is a Mario fangame created by BlazeHedgehog. It is a Halloween-themed Mario game due to its original planned release date, which was around the Halloween period. However, the game originally missed this deadline, going into hiding for nearly a year and finally re-appearing on the internet in a finished state in October 2005.

Blue Twilight is often considered the best completed Mario title on MFGG, rivaling Jeff Silvers's Super Mario Epic games and Thunder Dragon's Toad Strikes Back. It is also one of MFGG's star attractions, as it was featured on the American channel G4, and more specifically, 'The attack of the show's 'Freeplay Friday'. "Mario Fan Game Gallery" was also mentioned at the time, which generated a lot of traffic for MFGG, even though "Galaxy" was replaced with "Gallery". The amount of traffic put huge strains on MFGG's server at the time, with the highest number of guests ever recorded at the site.

An improved version of Blue Twilight DX, named Blue Twilight EX is currently in development. Blaze promises that this version will have a re-worked engine meaning smoother and better gameplay, one of DX's major complaints.

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