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Aliases: MechaSonic, Rive, MS, Raikyo, Mecha, Deathbringer Raikyo
Interests: Music (Metal, Videogame Music, Guitars, etc), Composing, recording, mixing & mastering music, Fantasy, Game Making, Spriting, Animes, MSN, RPGs, MMORPGS, graphic designing, drawing, super mario, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Daydreaming and other stuff :V
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Raikyo (formerly MechaSonic) is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on March 11th, 2006. He is primarily known for fangames and is mostly active in the Fangame Discussion.


On December 11th, 2006, Raikyo requested a permanent ban in the Pointless Post Palace. He was then banned by Captain Jeff Silvers.

On March 23rd, 2007, Flametale sent a Private Message to the administration alleging that MechaBowser had blackmailed MechaSonic, threatening to reveal personal information if he did not request a permanent ban. Under this reasoning, MechaSonic's ban was revoked, while MechaBowser was banned instead. However, there was no hard evidence of any such blackmail; as such, MechaBowser's ban was also revoked.

His current project is a fangame called Super Mario Online - Secret Of The Waves. It's a multiplayer online role play game in an early development stage. Here you can get the latest news! And his most recent project Super Mario Uprising features advanced shareable level editor.