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Aliases: Sin Flametale, Armonius, Flamey, Arm, Mario-Mario
Real name: Unknown
Interests: Unknown
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Flametale was around during 2004, though then he was under the name Mario-Mario, then he joined in late 2005 as Flametale. Flametale changed his name to "Sin Flametale" in early 2008, and after a long absence from MFGG, he rejoined in 2011 as Armonius.


In 2003, Flametale discovered Jeff Silvers's website. He played the first Mario epic that December, loving it, he sought to make his own games, thus, he got himself a copy of the games factory to play around with. Not knowing what to do, It wasn't until mid 2004 that he contacted Jeff, asking him to help with learning TGF. After many misunderstandings, glitches and horrible grammar errors- He developed his first game, Super Mario Manmade 2004. This game is so old, that the disk he put his game on, no longer works. He keeps the disk as a prized possession of his, reminding him of how far he has come.

In late 2005, He joined the MFGG forums, after lurking throughout the penguinia era. His first post was boasting his games, he started to throw down a lot of awful, bug ridden, incomplete games. On top of this, he abused smilies and made very immature remarks about other members as he tried (and failed) to assert a degree of authority over other members. By 2006, Flametale was responsible for the creation of only two games. Tamayoshi, which sprung a short-lived trend of Tamagotchi-styled Yoshi fangames on the main site, and SMB: GO, a canned game of very, very, mediocre quality. Later, in 2007 he was credited for RedEye's attack on MFGG, which happened whilst the two of them were at an IT lesson at school. So not only was Flametale present, but he watched every single post made by RedEye!

At exactly midnight on christmas eve 2008, Flametale released Not Mari0 Pr0n, a game that required users to think outside the box, but due to it being so confusing and vague, often players were frustrated and stopped playing. It has, however, remained a memorable fangame to this day, which is occasionally talked about.

Only after then did he start making other games that fell to obscurity, his "Flametale vs " series were only mildly successful, and after releasing Flametale Vs 2008, his appearances became sparse, ultimately receeding him into lurking, where he only gave an ocassional glance across the Message Boards. He returned briefly in 2010 to post his latest game, Flametale vs 3: Road to rebellion, which was once again met with minimal attention. After this, he gave up developing games and left once more, only to return in 2011 to make his presence more public again. He sported a namechange, as well as a fixed up attitude and a 'gentlemanly' demeanor. He is still working on FV3, which is a game of two parts.

Although he prefers to think of himself as a somewhat 'unofficial' oldbie, he left MFGG feeling sore that he had made almost no friends on the forum (likely due to his repeated disappearances). He felt that using an old shell of his former self would be wrong, people would know who he is and make no attempt to befriend him, however, if he re-invented himself to the point here he was a new person, he'd be able to correct that fatal mistake he made the first time and ultimately create a good impression.