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Project_MK's current character, as drawn by Fuzzy.
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Aliases: MarioFan222, MarioFan, shyguyelite
Real name: Connor Hulett
Interests: Music, creating fangames, spriting, hacking, etc.
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Project_MK is a member who, technicaly, joined October 2006, but was permabanned for age limit. His username at the time was MarioFan222.

After his permaban, he made a dupe called MarioFan, who, for some reason, was not snuffed out until later 2007. By then Project_MK was of age, so he was unbanned.


Project_MK tends to enjoy his time composing and spriting. He's also taken up game making, but isn't too hot at it. Recently he got Little Big Planet, and has been obsessed ever sense. If you wish to play his levels, his PSN is Project_MK.


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