Mario's Mansion Perfect Collection

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Mario's Mansion Perfect Collection
Developer(s) FanGuy
Announce Date 2003
Release Date N/A
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium The Games Factory
Platform Windows
Status In progress
 Unknownstatus.png This fangame has no official statement of progress.

It may still be in production, but it may also be scrapped. If you are the author of this game, please specify the game's production status.

Mario's Mansion Perfect Collection is a remake of the whole Mario's Mansion series, intended to hold a completed version of Mario's Mansion 3. The game featured new cut scenes, new sprites, rearranged levels, less difficulty and a save feature. Only a demo was released in 2003 and everybody wanted more. However more than three years have passed and nothing, the game has most likely been canned.

Screenshot from Mario's Mansion Perfect Collection


Mario, clearly jealous of his younger brother, builds his own mansion. But not before several ghosts invade it. Now it's up to him to clean out the house and find out who let the ghosts in.



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