Mario's Mansion 3

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Mario's Mansion 3: The Twisted Dimensions
Developer(s) FanGuy, Vimimin
Announce Date 2003
Release Date TBA
Genre Platformer
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium The Games Factory
Platform Windows
Status In progress
 Custom redblock.png This article is about a fangame that has ceased production.

No further work is being done on this project, and a release is not likely.

Mario's Mansion 3: The Twisted Dimensions is the third and final installment of the Mario's Mansion series. It was scrapped early to later be put in Mario's Mansion Perfect Collection, which was also was scrapped. It was developed by Fanguy, and when Vimimin found the game's source in early 2013, she is currently the one working on it.


The mansion has been destroyed and it's been revealed that Luigi was being controlled by a creature called the "Dark Being". He escaped into a dimensional warp, promising revenge. So, Mario and Fanguy decided to chase after him. Mario and Fanguy have been separated from each other, as they teleported to different locations. Mario has been warped to an alternate Mushroom Kingdom, where he's supposed to not exist in that dimension. Bowser is a king in this dimension, and while he would leave the Toads alone, he will send his minions to beat them up for fun, if he gets angry. After knowing about this, Mario decided to go to Bowser's Castle, so he can teach him a lesson.

Chapter One: Mario Was Missing!

Mario is heading to Bowser's Castle, as he is planning to teach Bowser a lesson. However, Bowser's minions are in the path, so it won't be very easy for Mario in order to get to Bowser's Castle. After getting past Bowser's minions, Mario finds Bowser's Castle. A red Koopa Kid shows up, and scolds Mario for breaking the rule, no trespassers allowed at Bowser's Castle. Mario said that the Bowser in this dimension doesn't scare him, which led to a fight against the red Koopa Kid.

Chapter Two: Run For Your Life! The Shy Guy Toy Box

Fanguy has been transported into an alternate Shy Guy Toy Box. Shy Girl saw Fanguy, and they had a conservation. Fanguy wanted to leave the toy box, but Shy Ghosts aren't allowed to escape the toy box. However, Shy Girl put some powder into Fanguy, which transformed him into a regular Shy Guy. This made Fanguy very happy, but he was disappointed that it doesn't last forever. Fanguy tries to get out of the toy box, before he turns back into a Shy Ghost. He was close to getting out, but he turned back to a Shy Ghost. Fanguy met a big Shy Ghost, which is the owner of the toy box. The big Shy Ghost decided to do a sumo wrestle against Fanguy, in order to decided whenever Fanguy should leave or not.


Screenshot from Mario's Mansion 3

The player controls Mario, which is armed with a hammer. He attacks with a swing from his hammer, which can stun/defeat enemies. Mario can only have up to two points of health, and one will be lost if he touches a enemy. Mario will have to start back at the beginning of the level, once he loses all of his health points. If Mario has only one point of health, he can earn another point of health if he collects a heart. In chapter two, the player plays as Fanguy, which plays almost like Mario. The only differences are that Fanguy uses a fan instead of a hammer, and a timer is displayed at the left of the screen. Fanguy can get extra time if he stays right next to a bag of powder.


In early 2013, Vimimin decided to continue the fangame, as she found the source. The only known information about this continuation so far is that the story will be expanded, and there will be new levels. The forum topic can be found in here.



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  • The intro was completely drawn by FanGuy.
  • This is the first Mario's Mansion in the series to feature the Goomba bounce.
  • Tech Wing had gotten the 'rights' to try to make a Mario's Mansion 3 loosely based off the plot using an experimental platformer fighter type engine, however the idea was eventually scrapped.