MFGG Spring Cleaning

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By summer 2010, the MFGG mainsite had existed for years, and the archive of sprite submissions was beginning to see the effects of years of submission quality control that has been at times inconsistent and unbalanced. Black Squirrel decided to remedy this by holding an MFGG Spring Cleaning drive to improve the quality of the main site by removing lower-quality submissions. The event began on June 25, 2010, with the focus on removing poorly-made sprites, such as crude recolors, useless edits, duplicate/redundant submissions, and stolen work. MFGG's Site Staff also made an effort to better organize some uncategorized and miscategorized submissions, making them easier to find in searches.

The project did not result in the removal of any game submissions, even terrible-quality ones, except for a couple of duplicated submissions.

MFGG Spring Cleaning also attempted to improve the quality of main site comments by appointing four new Site Staff members with only comment moderation powers: Dexy, Elyk, Kyori, and Tragic. Making headway in this department proved substantially more difficult, since a huge proportion of the comments on the main site could be classified as utter spam, and going through all the comments on the main site would prove to be an extremely arduous undertaking. Another problem is that the new comment moderators weren't particularly active on the main site, especially later in the summer as the project continued.

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