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Littlelund is a running joke on MFGG, primarily on the Forums. It involves the fictional country Littlelund, named after Littlelum.

History on MFGG

The first mention of Littlelund was on April 12, 2018, when user Hypernova declared littlelund to "be the best country", along with sharing the national flag. Within a few hours, users VinnyVideo and Yoshi2000 became citizens of the nation. SMBXFan, posing as the dictator of The Isle of Yoshi, announced that he has launched an invasion. Hypernova responded by wishing him luck, and offering a buffet and a lifetime pass to Six Flags if he was successful.[1] After this, Littlelund has occasionally become the point of discussion on the forums.

On July 28, 2018, VinnyVideo released a Fangame titled MFGG Emblem. The game features a chapter where the player must defend littlelund from pirates.


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Littlelund has advanced technology, to the point where natural resources can be generated from trash.[2]