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Eno's more recent incarnation as drawn by Stixdude.
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Aliases: Eno the Red Guy
Real name: Keith McDonald
Interests: Inflation (sexual), cartoons and animation, creative writing
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Eno is a semi-longtime member at MFGG who, while he doesn't post a lot, is a regular visitor to the forum.

Member History

Eno has actually been at MFGG for quite a long time, existing a while before the board was changed from its original EZBoard stages. His first input into the community was his fangame "Super Wario Bros", a platformer starring Wario and Waluigi as they tried to steal the spotlight from Mario and Luigi. The project never got past a two level demo and, since it was of low quality and Eno didn't have much will to continue it, it was canned and is now lost from Eno's old hard drive.

He stayed with the board for most of its moves and still visits, despite not really posting as much as other members. He hasn't made any noteworthy submissions to the site itself, but likes to think of himself as a decent member of the message board community. He doesn't post very much anymore (as if he ever did in the first place...)


An example of Eno inflated like a balloon. Drawn by Shaw

One of Eno's most notable and obvious quirks that he isn't shy about hiding on the board is his body inflation fetish, which is basically the sexual fixation based on the fantasy of people (normally women, despite Eno also very much liking "self-inflation") blowing up like balloons, similar to such happenings in a cartoon. Despite the flak it gets in some places, he stands by the philosophy that if you don't like it, you don't have to look at it... He is capable of enjoying it in a non-sexual manner as well.


Eno has went through several "characters" over time, at least 9 or 10. It was not until he "came out" about his inflation fixation that he started relating his character to that. The first of these was a simplistic design with a red overcoat, black hair, blue jeans and a black shirt that often had a blue balloon emblazoned on it along with an inflation-related pun or phrase on it. This was commonly just "NFL8", but a few pictures have either removed the text or used a different phrase (one of which was "blow me"). The character always carried helium tanks or air pumps around with him and was at first interested mostly in inflating other MFGGers. After that didn't work too well, the character was often just inflated himself in different pictures.

The character was changed to something slightly more original, a blue "bubble-like" creature who was translucent and filled with nothing but air. The jeans and coat stayed, but otherwise the character looked quite different. It stuck around for a while, but Eno eventually grew bored with it and changed back to his original design. However, to make the character more original again, he made the change that the character was practically always inflated in some manner as shown in pictures above. This form commonly consists of an extremely large and rotund midsection and stomach, bulging cheeks and, in some cases, an "outtie" navel.

Another example of Eno blown up. Drawn by Guinea
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