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=^D Guy

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Aliases: Smiley Guy, CSL1, MRCSl1, MrSmiley-992, Psygnosis Doraemon
Interests: Old consoles and computers, retrogaming, 70's - 90's nostalgia, Classic, alternative, and grunge rock music, pairings, pixel art
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=^D Guy is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on August 8th, 2007 and is the older brother of =^D Boy. Like his little brother, he has a similar name, and is not very well known.


Also the Origin of the "=^D Guy" name was from an emoticon he made when the user was 12. He soon made himself an Internet name because of it. Lastly, his real name originates to a prince named Corwyn from his first father's favorite Science-Fiction/Fantasy novel The Nine Princes of Amber.

The name =^D Guy, of course, refers to his personal emoticon. He is not only known as =^D Guy everywhere. CSL1 Refers his initials with the number one in after. It was first used in his deviantART account, which was abandoned months ago, and is now the most commonly used name on most sites. It is also the name of what was once thought was a cosmic belt. Another name MRCSL1 is the same name, only actually as the name Mr.Csl1. MrSmiley-992 (Written as Mr.Smiley 1992) is the name of his new deviantART account (Since he wanted a fresh start). Last Psygnosis Doraemon is named after an defunct British game company Psygnosis (Known for the Lemmings series, which games are his obsession) and a very popular Japanese cartoon character Doraemon.

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