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=^D Boy

=^D Boy's character Cut Boy, drawn by Hatman.
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=^D Boy is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on November 11th, 2006 and is the younger brother of =^D Guy. Like his older brother, he has a similar name, and is not very well known. He is mostly active in the General Friendliness forum, and has been drawn by dozens of members.


When =^D Boy first joined the MFGG Forums, he posted an introduction topic in the General Chat titled Hiya there, I'm new. The topic garnered the attention of many members, with the first reply by Biddy, who immediately said: "Ohgod Cutty's got himself a rival!". At first things things seemed relatively normal, with several MFGGers giving =^D Boy a warm welcome. But things soon turned hostile and heated when members began accusing =^D Boy of being a duplicate account of Cutman, due to their character designs both being eerily similar. In fact, GeneralGuy had even called for =^D Boy to be permabanned, much to the dismay and scrutiny of others. Eventually, ShadowMan checked the IP Addresses of both Cutman and =^D Boy, which did not match and proved that they were completely different people, and =^D Boy was a legitimate account.