Tileset Splitter

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Tileset Splitter is a program by Xgoff that is designed to break apart images into rectangles; these rectangles are then saved as separate files.

Version 1.0

The first and currently only released version, it supports basic features such as being able to set tiles' heights and widths, their X and Y spacing, and the X and Y offset of the entire array. Unfortunately, version 1.0 only works well with tilesets or sprite sheets that are entirely consistent in tile size, spacing, and offset. A bug in the grid drawing makes it nearly useless when scrolling, but with a conforming tileset, scrolling really isn't needed. Version 1.0 only supports BMP export and tile sizes up to 128 x 128.


  • Adjustable tile size, spacing, and offset
  • Grid that allows visibility toggled
  • XOR-able grid, with the ability to mask areas that will not be ripped

Version 2.0

Currently in development. It will include the basic features on Version 1.0, and add even more.

Planned Features

  • Same features as Version 1.0, max tile size increased to 512 x 512
  • "Custom Grid" mode: allows the user to draw rectangles of any size in any location
  • "Array" feature for Custom Grid: emulates the Basic Grid mode, allows user to place arrays of rectangles (same limitations as Basic Grid mode) in addition to their custom rectangles
  • Magnifier: useful for exact placement of rectangles
  • PNG export with optional alpha channel