Submissions FAQ

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This is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the MFGG main site submission process.

Where is my submission?

Submissions can be in one of three states at any given time:

Submission State Diagram.png

  • "Accepted" - The submission is hosted on the main site and can be viewed by the general public.
  • "Queued" - The submission is currently awaiting assessment within MFGG's submission queue. Submissions of this nature can be edited by the user but are not seen by the general public, only staff members. Queued submissions are marked as "QUEUED" in the "My Submissions" page.
  • "Declined" - The submission was not deemed worthy enough for MFGG and has been deleted (save for its id number).

My submission has been queued for a long period of time, what should I do?

Wait. All submissions are dealt with eventually. The site staff have lives and cannot guarantee to be working on MFGG's website every day.


How do I speed up the submission process?

MFGG has a "queue" but it doesn't really function like a queue - submissions can be accepted and declined in any order.

Extremely good and extremely bad submissions will likely be taken out of the queue very quickly. In these circumstances, the brilliance or horrificness of the submission is easy to identify. If submissions are being accepted quickly, this is a very good sign. If they are being declined quickly, this shows you are not THINKING before submitting, and should consult the submission guidlines, as well as take note of submissions already hosted on the main site and learn what is acceptable.

Submissions which remain in the queue for a long time are MEDIOCRE. MEDIOCRITY IS A BAD THING. Mediocre submissions are likely to remain in the queue for a long period of time as the site staff collectively decide what to do with them. If they leaves us stumped, the time period will drag on. Often the staff may disagree about a submission's future, meaning mediocre submissions require more manpower than usual in order to resolve this issue.

To reduce the time it is HIGHLY recommended that the user DOES SOMETHING ABOUT THEIR SUBMISSION. Improve, clean up, change, add or even request removal if you think it's just not worth it. We are not responsible for making your submissions better. It is entirely YOUR responsibility to make your submission appealing to us, and our decision only as to whether it is seen as suitable for the main site.

Again do not message the site staff about this issue. This will not speed up the process.

Top tips for success are to use well structured, correct English, appealing thumbnails, appropriate titles and descriptions, correct category assignments and well thought out and organised content.

Every time a submission is modified by the user, its status in the moderation queue is "reset". That is why it is wise to submit finished pieces of work rather than work-in-progress content. It is better to use the message boards for unfinished work.

My submission was declined, will you reconsider your stance on it?


Duplicate submissions of any sort will be declined. If you frequently re-submit an already declined sheet you are at risk of a submission ban. If your sheet fails to show notable improvements you are also at risk of this ban - site staff do not have phographic memory, they may not be able to identify small modifications, only large ones.

I do not understand why my submission was removed or altered, can I get more explanation?

Yes, provided you message the site staff with DETAILS about your submission. We cannot dig up declined (deleted) submissions and we have dealt with many thousands of submissions in the past, so you will need to provide us with information.

Note that the site staff may chose not to respond if we feel the situation has been adequately explained.

I would like a submission removed, how do I go about this?

Request removal via the "My Submissions" page.

MFGG prefers that you do not request removal, though we will respect decisions assuming a good reason is provided with the removal request. We believe that if a submission has passed the quality control stage it is useful to fangamers - removing it will deprive others of potentially useful resources.

My game was given an odd average review score, why?

There is a bug in the system that has yet to be resolved. Occasionally queued reviews can affect an accepted game's score even though the reviews aren't visible to the general public. TCSMS is no longer actively maintained, new replacement software will eventually fix this issue.

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