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Aliases: Super Sonic Luigi Penguin, Sonic_Luigi15, Ultimate Doggy H
Interests: Hockey, Soccer, Video games, Spriting, game making
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Sonic_Luigi15 joined the MFGG Mainsite on December 21st, 2006, and the forums on January 30th, 2007. He found it while looking for New Super Mario Bros. sprites. He was led to a forum, where he found that "MFGG had some good NSMB rips.", and clicked a link. The link redirected to MFGG, and he spent hours searching through the Mainsite's submitted content. His original username was "Super Sonic Luigi Penguin". He shortened the name to Sonic_Luigi15. The name was constructed by forming his two favorite game characters, Mario and Sonic, and his favorite number, fifteen.


His sprite sheets shot down by The Spriter's Resource made him determined to make better sheets. At first he didn't know the rules of spriting. As time went by, he learned more about spriting. From inspiration of MFGG, ZFGN, TSR, etc. he created his own spriting website TSP. This is where he displays his sprites. Then he made a forum for it using edit boards. This forum was later scraped for a better one. This one included for features and was more user friendly. Sonic_luigi15 began doing a lot of LOZ animation/screenshot rips and submitted them to ZFGN. He also did some SMB animation/screenshot rips and submitted them to the main site.


Sonic_luigi15 doesn't just play video games all day like the stereotype of what a video gamer is. He plays lots of sports and is good at them too. SL15's favorite sport is hockey, but he also enjoys playing soccer, street hockey, volleyball, baseball, etc. SL15 hates basketball!


  • Sonic_luigi15 is obsessed with penguins (well, at least his friends think so...).
  • Sonic_luigi15 is also obsessed with pizza!
  • SL15 likes the classic SMB 3 better then the GBA version.
  • SL15 has never finished a fan game.
  • SL15 is Canadian

(more to come)