Princess Pie

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Princess Pie

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Aliases: Pie, Pietilda
Interests: Video games, drawing, animation, cooking and tennis.
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Joined around May 2005, she used the name Princess Pie and was nothing more than a Peach recolor. This was because at the time she quickly made a fake character for the time being and planned on making a real one later. However, she decided to turn the recolor little by little into a more original character. Eventually, she completely changed her character design, dropped her costume design, and favored one more original. She still does not consider Pie a "real character" as she's used to creating ones far more creative.

Unlike most of the few girls of MFGG, she never really suffered from the Kissing Booth Theory and arguably proves the Counter Booth Theory to be true. In the past however, Mecha would hit on Pie from time to time, many of which could have been considered rude or obnoxious. A real life friend named Zekewars joined a few months after Pie and started "conflicts" with Mecha though it could be considered more humorous than serious. Due to Mecha getting a real life girlfriend, Pie has been set free from any more comments from him.

Pie likes to consider herself "one of the boys" and never really makes posts that would seem "feminine" or revolve around her being female. Sometimes she likes to joke however. For instance, She pretended to be worried about her weight and made a topic about her insisting she wasn't fat. Shortly after, it became a small short lived fad though every now and then jokes are still made about it.

Currently she has temporarily changed her user name to Pietilda. This name goes to back to when a topic was made of an "MFGG Banjo-Kazooie" with Sasuke as Banjo and Mecha as Kazooie. Pie has often compared herself to the main antagonist Gruntilda the witch and filled in the role as Pietilda. Even after the topic's death she had made references to Grunty in various topics.