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Out of Order

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Aliases: That_One_Guy
Interests: Touching himself, Poetry
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Out of Order is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on January 7th, 2005 under the name of That_One_Guy. He joined under suggestion of Boo Mansion, who needed support in his ongoing battle with Starpower to make the best M&L Wario sprite. Currently being an admin at Boo Mansion, Out of Order felt obliged to join and support BooMansion. After quitting Boo Mansion, he remembered his membership at MFGG and decided to start fresh there. For about 1 year he became that kind of new guy that contributes absolutely nothing to anything and finds "constructive criticism" synonymous with "u shud send this 2 nintendo power!!". Then he left for 5 months, came back, and started spriting, which he did fairly well. He left again, and after another three months, he came back as a unlovable jackass who pretty much just trolled.

On September 7th, 2008, he was permabanned from the forums. He's back posting on the new phpBB boards, however.


  • He gets banned frequently.
  • Almost won his first and only sprite competition, but then Starpower won instead and Out of Order cried tears made of melted children and vowed to kill his family.
  • Made a comic explicitly "poking fun" at several forum-goers, which was met with a 30-day ban.
  • His favorite movie is Anchorman, band The White Stripes, and game San Andreas.