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How about I punch you in the face, OH SNAP.
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Aliases: Fii, Fay, Mister, Red Box
Interests: videogames, drawing, internets
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MrFii is an MFGGer who joined the MFGG Forums on May 23rd, 2008 and the MFGG Main Site on August 13th, 2008. His introduction thread was titled as "Well hello there.", hinting his personality as well. He knew everyone when he joined, thus automatically making him feel home. MrFrii could be considered a gentlemen. Some of the stuff he enjoys is art that is unique to it's style and music similar to the style of "La Verdine". MrFii is Amster's brother.


A red 'fhantom' with a box shaped head; note the zipper on the back of his head.


A rather nice guy. A gamer and stuff.


He has thought of creating a game, involving a nudist with a monocle, a curly mustache, and a small top hat under the name of 'Mr. Gentleman', who embarks on a journey to save the world from aliens; which will be under the name of "The Game With A Ridiculously Long Name", or in some cases, "The Super Happy Super Extreme Game For Retarded Rabbits That Think That Gay Golden Unicorns That Crap Candy Is More Valuable Than Diamonds But They Do Not Know That The Only Thing More Expensive Than Diamonds Is The World Itself Therefore There Theory Is Wrong"

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