Mario's Mansion

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Mario's Mansion
Developer(s) FanGuy
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date 2002
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium The Games Factory
Platform Windows
Status Released

Mario's Mansion is a series of three fangames developed by FanGuy beginning in 2002. The games generally comprise Mario exploring a mansion that assumedly belongs to him, with only his trusty hammer to protect him from the dangers within. The series is revered for its superior storyline, intruiging boss design and graphical clarity, and is considered a classical series on MFGG.


Mario, who is slightly jealous that Luigi got his own game, builds a mansion that is totally not a copy of Luigi's. Ghosts soon invade this mansion, so Mario hurries after them leaving Luigi alone and disgusted.


Mario's Mansion DX was an edit of the original that added a health system for ease of play, as well as fixing a few bugs. [specify]


  • FanGuy's character was first introduced in this game. He later decided to use him, taking the name "Mario FanGuy" as seen in the credits.