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A specificity tag is stuck in the article when someone thinks you are not being specific enough. It goes right after whatever they have beef with.

Although clarification is always good, MFGGWiki is fairly liberal about this and does not require as standardised a format as Wikipedia. As such, not every single detail must be clarified and sourced, only ones that are *extremely* vague.


  • "Americans agree with George Bush"

This statement does not offer a proper view of all Americans. A poll would need to be used to determine Bush's approval rating.

At that, "American" is also a generalised term, because U.S. citizens, Canadians, Mexicans, and Latino Americans are all Americans, due to living on an American continent. "U.S. citizens" would probably be the most proper term.


  • "This version improved in many ways over the original."

Perhaps an engine improved over its predecessor by adding new features, but if the article does not at least attempt to clarify in what manner, there is hardly any point to including it.