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Aliases: 1up_Mario, Takachi, SenovitX, Torchur, Hitler, Olofstrom
Interests: Video games (gasp), music, Norse mythology among other things.
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Madox joined Mario Fan Games Galaxy in 2005 under the name 1upMario, and joined the MFGG Forums two years later on September 16th, 2007 after being convinced to by member Vitiman, then known as Nonsense. His first post was "Hello! I'm really looking forward to this site! Fun games and nice members!", assuming the people of MFGG would think he was going to start off as a good member. Which he did, but his posts were average and not that important. During the beginning, Madox was immediately banned by Joey for being 10 years old at the time. After some clashing within the mod team, he was allowed back into the forums. Likewise, Madox didn't appreciate being discriminated by his age.

Past Contributations and Interactions

Madox didn't contribute much to MFGG, occasionally competing in a Sprite Competition or two, but never really contributed anything. Being that he was coaxed by Vitiman to join the site, him and Madox could be seen posting together most of the time, or replying to one another, even standing up for each other rarely. Madox didn't really talk to anyone else on the site, but he used to frequent the MFGG iScribble board, drawing and chatting with various members. He also (like most MFGGers) participated in the Secret Santa event every year until his permaban in 2010. Madox received a large number of warnings during the first incarnation of the phpBB board, usually attributed to him growing tired with the community at the time. Finally, in 2010, Madox committed account suicide on the phpBB forums by posting a long, lengthy, and insulting rant directed to anyone who was on MFGG at the time. This ban would be lifted once this community largely migrated to the Minus World, although he rarely visited that site. Then, out of nowhere in mid-2012, along with cohort Vitiman who was under the name "Master Shrooms", Madox committed account suicide again, this time on the Minus World with petty trolling alongside Vitiman.

Current Interactions

Currently Madox has shaped up compared to his barely younger self from years past. Madox now contributes much more to MFGG than he ever did in the past. He generally competes in the odd sprite competition and has participated in a few music competitions. Madox's most current form of contributing toward MFGG consists of editing and creating articles for this current, somewhat neglected Wiki. Madox also now largely likes interacting with the community, with the most prominent form of interaction being the occasional stream he starts up.

Returning (and disappearing) Dictator that Returns Again!

On June 18, 2012, Madox registered for the post-split forums under the username Hitler, complete with a portrait of the Fuhrer as his avatar. This choice of username ticked off a handful of other members, and he changed his name to Madox shortly thereafter. Regardless, he's become an active contributor again in recent times.

However, near the beginning of December 2012, Madox had all but vanished on MFGG, only ever logging in on a rare occasion, with said log-ins becoming more and more spaced out over time. This finally accumulated near the middle of the month, where he deleted himself from MFGG's Skype group and deleted all contacts made in the group.

Despite the disappearances from earlier in the 2013 year, Madox has ultimately returned to browsing MFGG actively. Madox posts frequently on the forums now, usually commenting on other's works or replying to the odd thread in the General Chat.


Madox once had an entire section dedicated to false trivia, but Vitiman, the member who created the trivia in the first place, felt it was taking up useless space for the article. The trivia bits (along with anything that Vitiman chooses to add) can be found at this link.