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*[http://archive.mfgg.net/index.php?showtopic=101039 Spritesheet]
*[http://archive.mfgg.net/index.php?showtopic=101039 Spritesheet]
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[[Category:Manual Badges]]
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Aliases: LuFa12/13/14, Luigifan 13/14, Weege, DVD
Real name: David L.
Interests: Nintendo games and computer programming.
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Not to be confused with LuigiFan.

Luigifan12 is a 17 year old haitian who lives in Florida and is a huge Nintendo fan. He has been here for a while, but he isn't a big name in MFGG. He's the guy who's there to say hello, comment drawings, and occasionally post his own sprite work.

He is interested in video game sprites. He frequents spriter forums and fan gaming websites daily.

He plays the tuba very well. He went from his beginner band to his intermediete band in 6th grade. He likes to write video game music with a program called Noteworthy Composer. He plays the Sousaphone and was Brass Captain at his school for a year.

He has quite a few internet personas. In a dragonball Z roleplaying forum, he was Blade Bloodbain. In SSBRPG, he is both Luigi and Wolf O'Donnell, the pilot assassain.

He is on AIM almost every day.



Luigifan12's computer personna is a 12 year old haitian kid. He has curly, black hair, a Mario-sized nose, and is (for the most part) always found in a green shirt, purple pants, and black shoes. He is an expert at the tuba, and generally has Luigi's attacks from Super Smash Brothers Melee. He can play the conga drums, and is a human beatbox. An alternate form for Luigifan12 is Robert (one of Luigifan's best friends in real life). There's also a pimp, spiderman, a presidential canidate, a zombie, a war hero, and a skeleton . His spritesheet is just about finalized.



The newer look for him, Luigifan14, is a bit taller. He's based on art by Supastixdude. His spritesheet right now is in the making, so he can't do much right now. All that is currently known is he's an expert at the sousaphone (he plays in marching band) and that he has the ability to fly with a cape.