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Link 2005

Link2005's "absolutely not stereotypical" appearance
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Aliases: Metty2410, metty2410, link2005 (all some other sites)
Interests: Retrogaming, reading
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Link2005 lives in Germany, or how he refers to it, "Krautistan". Since he speaks German natively, he sometimes has some spelling and/or grammar errors in his posts.

For the period of a few months, he used his Mii-Ref and made smileys out of them, that replaced the regular Emoticons using the "Custom Word Filter" in the old MFGG 2.0. Some people liked those, but quite a few MFGGers hated them and thought of them as disturbing, annoying and/or sometimes scary.

He also is one of the few MFGGers who use a php-script for random avatars and signatures and earlier one for his signature which showed the IP, operating system and current browser (if available in the php's database). If the browser weren't available, it displayed "404 Browser not found". Before he had a calm, neutral text about the OS and Browser in his signature, he had some nasty comments about the Operating System.

(like: "Why Windows, WHY?!? Linux does what Windoesn't", a homage to the old "Genesis does what Nintendon't" ad)

If the User used Internet Explorer, it said "You're using the Internet Exploder!", this equals his opinion about the Internet Explorer.

The reactions are similar to the ones from the smileys and currently, he uses a rotating Signature with a fitting rotating Avatar from the Game "Day of the Tentacle"