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Goomba X

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Goomba X is a pretty well-rounded spriter on MFGG and other forums and is well known for it. He has made some very good friends on MFGG and enjoys participating in the sprite comps when he can.

The N00B

When he first came upon MFGG, he used the user name "SMB111111". His first attempt at a sprite sheet was a M&L Baby Waluigi which just turned out to be just a bad edit of a TSR sheet which ended up getting denied. The username SMB111111 was short-lived as Goomba X learned how to sprite and then soon got his M&L Bowser Jr. accepted.

Goomba X Today

Today Goomba X still tries to get his old MFGG submissions taken off because he knows he can do much better. He is now friends with forum members such as Ridge Troopa, CeeY, Esteban, Count Bleck, Echo, Buggo, and Minguel. Goomba X is just your average Video Game Nerd who can't get enough of the classics yesterday and the new gleaming titles today. He owns the following systems:

-Wii (hacked)


-Nintendo 64

-Gameboy colour

-Gameboy Advance

-Gameboy SP (2)

-Nintendo DS

-Nintendo DS Lite (2)(1 broken)

-Playstation (hacked)

-Playstation 2

-Xbox 360


Goomba X is a spriter who enjoys finding new (mostly easy yet epic) spriting styles. He is mostly known for his M&L styled sheets which brought him up to M&L gods like Starpower and Ridge Troopa. He can usually sprite NES styles if he is needed to and he is still in the process of spriting M&L3. He now prefers spriting custom styled sheets, like this ->

Goomba X isn't the most motivated artist when it comes to drawing normal landscapes but what motivates him to draw are doodling small fun things like Mario characters or even small creations of his own at times. [[1]] Goomba X has taken some gaming courses that have taught him the basics of using "Game Maker" and "Unreal Technology". He does own Game Maker but when he tries to make a simple platform game he just can't seem to get it right. Usually he has trouble with the gravity, spriting animations, or camera options. As for Unreal Technology he did buy "Unreal Tournament III" for the PC which comes with the program but the programs would install onto the CPU properly so he was left with a cinue and no paddle. The only Image that Goomba X has from his UNT level is this [[2]]

Other Usless Information

Goomba X is Canadian. Goomba X is a administrator of Kazooie HQ, which is still a WIP forum but he hopes to get ready by the end of the summer of 2009