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Dracano Elite

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Aliases: Lava Piranha
Real name: Tyler (Ty) Lee Schulz
Interests: Business, Marketing, Food, Cooking, Eating, Music, Latin Culture, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Writing, Friends, Dragons
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 Banned.gif This article/section is about a member who was banned and hasn't been seen since then.

It is improbable that any notable information will be added to this article in the future.

Dracano Elite joined MFGG June 19, 2005 not too long after he graduated from school. He was referred to by his good friend Paratroopa. Although not one of the more popular MFGGers because of his short temper and his flammability, he still has a few friends there. Not only does he post on MFGG but he posts on many other boards as well, including PMC, where he has been co-admin almost since it has begun. He is also good friends with Dragon Punk, who does not post on message boards very much and was only at MFGG very temporarily. He is also extremely obsessed with MySpace. Most of the time you can see him wandering the depths of the PPP. He recently has changed his name from Lava Piranha to Dracano Elite.

What is "Dracano Elite"?

Dracano Elite is originally the name he used for Starcraft Online, which is a name he made up one night out of boredom... Dracano Elite is a very unknown character among MFGG. Nothing is know about him... only Dracano Elite himself truly knows. He was banned on December 2, 2006, to the joy of the other members.

Contacting Dracano Elite

E-mail: dragonofgrief@gmail.com
AIM: NordicDragon05
MSN: fishlips28@hotmail.com
Phone Number: (yeah right. lol)

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