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Aliases: Hyper Link, Crazee
Real name: Brian
Interests: Video games, music, jokes, hanging out with friends, and having a good time
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WolfSkull joined the site in the summer of 2006. He then joined the forums on August 14, of the same year. He uses Game Maker to make his games, since he can't buy or figure out how to use any of the Clickteam products. He found the site while searching Google for Mario sprites.


Before he found MFGG, he used to stay at a site called Lemmy's Land, a site that introduced him to Game Maker. After practicing a bit with Game Maker, he thought he was ready to make his own Mario game.(It isn't until nearly the end of 2006 when he can finally make one) He went on Google looking for Mario sprites. The first link that showed up was MFGG. After searching the sprites for a week, the bandwidth problem started, and he thought the site was down. A few weeks later, he came back to visit MFGG for no reason at all. To his surprise, the site was back up again.

Once again, he started searching for sprites some more. After a while, he decided to see if the games were better than the ones at Lemmy's Land. Quote from WolfSkull: Lemmy's Land has the worst Mario games ever. They're very glitchy. After seeing the games, he grew to like MFGG and decided to stay there for a while. He didn't join the main site until the summer of 2006. He submitted his first fangame which had a somewhat original storyline, "Super Mario Turkey Quest". Since then, he's submitted a few more games onto the main site, and is currently working on a game called "Baby Mario Bros".