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Hello! Yakibomb here. I'm a Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars hacker who loves MFGG.net! I've been a wallflower of MFGG.net for over a decade, and just recently (about two years ago) decided to register on the forums officially! Go me!

User History with MFGG.net - Early History - I discovered MFGG.net by an old neighbour (who I am still in contact with), who introduced me to game design using Clickteam's The Games Factory. He showed me MFGG.net, and this began the fan-game making dream of mine.

I later discovered MFGG.net disappeared off the face of the Earth, and never visited it for the next several years. It hadn't occurred to me until those several years later that, the layout just changed... and nothing more!

- 2007 - For my reunion I submitted some sprite sheets I was using for a current game at the time, one that I don't even know had a name. Then I disappeared again, or maybe I lurked like a boo buddy.

- Some time later - I had been planning to make a new Super Mario RPG using the SMRPG:LotSS ROM for a long time. I had submitted a SMRPG Koopa to the forums for feedback. I wrote a text document of all the ideas I had for this hack, which I still have.

I'm drawing a blank as to what happened to me between this point and the next.

- Then to Now - After seeing several fan-games I fell in love with (one of which is Magikoopa Security Force), I decided to stick with the username Yakibomb for unknown reasons, and truly join MFGG.net, full force, just so I can talk to the authors of certain games.

Trivia - My first ever fan-game that I played in middle school was Super Mario Adventure, found here: http://www.mfgg.net/index.php?act=resdb&param=02&c=2&id=299. I still have not beaten the Dastardly Duo. (If you have tips on how to beat them or know what happens after, PLEAAAASE PM ME!)