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Aliases: MTC, Mega, CharlesMan
Interests: Game making
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MegaTailzChao is a somewhat well-known MFGGer who joined the MFGG Forums on July 2nd, 2006, and prefers it over many other places. He makes mediocre fangames from time to time, though rarely finished them. He uses the registered version of Game Maker 6.1.

He is responsible for a few games on MFGG, including Super Mario Bros. Extended, Super Mario Quest, Minigame Comp winner Goomba Invaders, and has made many more games before his computer had been wiped, and left nothing behind. Rumor has it that all of his files still exist, and he vows to someday retrieve and finish most of his earlier games.

MegaTailzChao is also known for advertising for different MFGG games/projects in his signature, which is a map that links to many other useful URLs(Or at least useful to him). At some point, he also used a map of Pokémon Gold/Silver's first room with Gold walking around, however due to having a series of random images at imagerotation, he took it down because the site was not working and he refused to fix it, stating he was simply "too lazy".

On September 8th, 2007, MegaTailzChao announced that "He was a girl", however, this rumor was proved false. MegaTailzChao posted that topic as a joke, although the topic went into the Kissing Booth Theory, and managed to get over 20 pages. He became more serious when a couple people believed him, but he apologized for all the confusion. He is the first male MFGG member to get into the Kissing Booth Theory, without any pics or proof.

He became part of the Site Staff in the 16th of August 2008, along with Pucifur. At some later, MegaTailzChao dropped off of the Site Staff group.


When Glukom made the "Draw MegaTailzChao" topic, Littlink proceeded to make a set of small 8-bit Gameboy-styled sprites that eventually turned into a game, which has it's own topic with over 40 pages. It is seemingly very well liked.