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Aliases: Tacho, Choko, The Forgotten(dupe), Skt-Man(dupe), +@(H¡n
Real name: Nicolas Paez
Interests: Spriting, playing Mario Games
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 Banned.gif This article/section is about a member who was banned and hasn't been seen since then.

It is improbable that any notable information will be added to this article in the future.

When Tachin was new his first sprite sheet was a stolen sprite of one "8-Bit Luigi." He then tried his hand at spriting in the styles of Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island, Mario and Luigi, and Super Mario Bros. 3 all while attempting to find his own custom style.

Tachin was banned for excessive swearing after claiming Sirgrodus had stolen a sprite sheet of his. After he was banned he tried making "dupe" accounts. These accounts were The Forgotten, and Skt-Man. Both of the accounts got banned within a week.