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Aliases: Naruto Uzumaki, Darin Satou, David Bloodsworth, ShadowCanti, REDarkula, D'arkula, Niteshaid
Real name: Unknown
Interests: Video games, Shonen Manga and Anime
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General Info

Bookage is a black boo with a red aura and green teeth, because he simply does not brush his teeth. He is most famous for creating the RPG Maker fangame Super Luigi RPG or the X-Naut costume topic. His name (literally translated) means "shadow boo." He is also working on a project called "Pokemon: Black version", with the help of Shyguy Grey. He is sometimes known as Naruto, although he likens himself to Shikamaru, from the same series.

Pics of Bookage



TheRealWart[3], [4]



Shyguy Grey[7], [8], [9]


General Guy[11](link broken)

The Magical Gamer[12], [13], [14]

Mario Maniac 122[15]

If you have been forgotten, please contact Bookage.

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