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'''MFGG Homecoming''' was the return and congregation of many long-time [[MFGGer]]s to the current [[Mario Fan Games Galaxy]] [[MyBB]] [[Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums|Forums]], which began on June 30th, [[2019]] and was orchestrated by [[GeneralGuy]].
On June 30th, [[2019]], [[King Piranha Plant]] (an [[oldbie]] from around mid-[[2003]]), returned to the forums and made a [[post]] in the [https://forums.mfgg.net/showthread.php?tid=1694&pid=21168#pid21168 Users that you miss] topic. This immediately precipitated [[GeneralGuy]] to return as well, since he was quite fond of [[King Piranha Plant]] and reminisced about playing his old [[fangame]] [[Dodge The Shy Guys 2]] back in September [[2006]], along with many other nostalgic memories from [[2006]] and [[2007]]. Many members such as [[Vitiman]], [[Yoshin]] and [[Q-Nova]] were very surprised and glad to see two prominent users return. [[GeneralGuy]] then responded to the thread [https://forums.mfgg.net/showthread.php?tid=1694&pid=21192#pid21192 here], wishing how he'd love to have all of the old [[MFGGers]] from the [[Invision|IPB Era]] come back, and stated that he would do whatever it took to make that happen.
[[GeneralGuy]] began cyber-stalking old forum members, stealing their e-mail addresses and other sensitive information with the intent of contacting old users. He also used the [[MFGG Wiki]] to gather more information, such as alternate usernames and links to different website accounts. Along with sending over 180 e-mails (inadvertently leaking them all through a mass cc) to bygone [[MFGGer]]s, he also contacted them through websites such as DeviantArt, Facebook, Twitter, Steam, YouTube, etc.
The first member to join from [[GeneralGuy]]'s referral was [[Littlink]] on July 5th, [[2019]], followed by [[Thunder]] three days later. On July 9th, [[2019]], [[Mario Fan Games Galaxy]] was celebrating it's 18th Anniversary as a website. This tied in perfectly with the appearance of many old members who joined the new forums on the same day. This included but was not limited to: [[MegaTailzChao]], [[Rob]], [[Naoshi]], [[Sponge]], [[Medaforcer]], [[EDGE]] and others. The very next day on July 10th, [[2019]], even more members joined such as [[Someguy]], [[Ashurasonic|Ashura]], [[Nnnkingston|Nnnk]], [[Lee]] and [[Iceman3k]]. Many of these members, included those who were already on the new forms but were inactive such as [[Kritter]] and [[Shadowman]], wished MFGG a Happy Birthday and were awarded a [[Image:MFGG18.png]] [[badges|badge]].
Afterwards, many more [[MFGGer]]s continued to join.
Several members were deeply disturbed and upset that [[GeneralGuy]] leaked their private information during this event.
==The Reunion Party Animals==
*[[Blaster Master]]
*[[Mario (User)|Comrade Kesha]]
*[[Draco Icebane]]
*[[Kommandant Dragmire|Dragmire]]
*[[Eno|Eno The Red Guy]]
*[[Sergeant Jinpen|Jinpen]]
*[[Kentucky-Fried Panda]]
*[[King Piranha Plant]]
*[[Luminous Reaver]]
*[[Vir|Lyle Piratehog IV]]
*[[Neo Hyper Yoshi]]
*[[Nicholas Ainsworth]]
*[[Retriever II]]
*[[Out of Order|That_One_Guy]]
*[[Thunder Dragon]]
*[[DJ Yoshiman|Yoshiman]]
*[[Zero Kirby|Zero_Hero789]]
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