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~CaMtEnDo~, informally and preferably known as Cam, joined the MFGG Forums on October 3rd, 2009 and MFGG on November 9th, 2009. Cam frequented the MFGG Forums most often in 2010, and was a frequent member of Minus World shortly following The Split. From 2014 onward he's become a much less active member, usually only stopping by the forums if linked to a specific thread.

Although Cam isn't as well known as other members for his pixel art, he is an avid spriter. He has also participated in several Sprite Competitions and Drawing Competitions. In his spare time he draws, hoping to one day become a famous comic artist.

He has contributed to several fangames, most notably the Super Charisma Bros. series of joke games, in which he appears in each installment of the original series as a main recurring character.

Baby Kermit and Super Charisma 4

In March 2018, after years of infrequent activity on MFGG, Cam registered a dupe account on the forums named "Baby Kermit" in preparations for April Fools. Baby Kermit was portrayed as a 13-year-old with incredibly poor spelling and a love of Muppet Babies who frequently posted extremely innocuous things like jokes and stories about trips to Applebee's with his very supportive and loving father. Baby Kermit also posted a thread detailing a fangame he was producing, entitled "Mario vs. Bowser: Yoshi's Return", in which Mario and Yoshi must save the Pastry Kingdom after Princess Puff's cookie factory is overthrown by Bowser.

Finally, on April 7th, 2018, Baby Kermit posted a download for "psycho waluigi 2" which he allegedly found on a CD outside. The download instead contained Super Charisma 4, a joke game developed by Cam, Mit, and Genogenesis7 and an unofficial installation in the Super Charisma Bros. series. Super Charisma 4 featured the trio, along with some additional friends, on a quest to reunite a literal Baby Kermit with his father, VinnyVideo. Response was wildly varied, much to the delight of the developers, who felt accomplished in the success of their joke, seeing it as a bookend to their earlier years on MFGG.