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Zelda Fan Game Network (ZFGN) was a site similar to Mario Fan Games Galaxy, however it dealt with Zelda fangames rather than Mario ones.


Zelda Fan Games HQ was founded on May 8, 2002 by Matt Dreamcaster. [1] The site was abandoned shortly after. In March of 2003 it was given a revival by Sparks the Echidna, with the original forums still being up on proboards. The site itself remained decently updated, however the forums were constantly shifted around due to hosting complications. The forums remained lively, and amongst the active posters were Thunder Dragon and Kritter. In 2004 the staff decided to change the name to Zelda Fan Game Network. This name stuck until declining activity and a hack on the forums lead to complete closure of the site in late 2005.

A revival was proposed by Alex the Hedgehog [2] on September 5th, 2006. Itokazu disappeared shortly after, leaving ZFGN's fate in the hands of Shiek, Falcon, and Kesha (Kesha being the only remaining staff member of the original ZFGN). A new site was in the works, until the staff got a hold of Retriever II and a copy of TCSMS, which Kesha got up and working and ZFGN was back in action. Pucifur eventually proposed merging his site, The Zelda Gamer's Resource (TZGR), with ZFGN, and after Kesha had left his staff position behind, Falcon took up the offer and The Zelda Gamer Network (TZGN) was born. TZGN participated in 2007's Nintendo Community Fangame Convention. A general lack of activity, content, and enthusiasm lead to its death in 2007.

The site was recently revived by old user Super Goombario, but not without a bit of controversy. However, the site is no longer in production. It was revived by some of the original staff here, and was revived officially by Sparks here, but both are now inactive. As of September 30, 2016, Zelda Fan Game Network is currently no longer available and its domain is currently for sale.


Zelda Fan Game Expo (ZFGE) was a twice-a-year online convention for showcasing Zelda fan games. It occurred in June and December, starting in June of 2003. It's last occurrence was in June of 2005, having a total of 5 expos.

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