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Yoshin's current reference.
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Aliases: Baby Yoshi1000, Kakuna, Diantha
Interests: Hidamari Sketch.
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Yoshin is an MFGGer from late 2008 but has stayed with the site even to the current day. She originally came from SMW Central but soon moved over to MFGG looking for sprites to use in her ROM Hack at the time. Back when Yoshin joined many saw her as a troll due to language barriers. Currently however she maintains good friendships with multiple MFGGers. She is leading Minus Galaxy, a community Super Mario World ROM hack between MFGG and Minus World users. She was promoted to Wiki Sysop on September 26th, 2017, forum Moderator on April 9th, 2018, Quality Control on June 24th, 2018, and Administrator on November 28th, 2018. She is also a Moderator and Developer at Minus World (with the title Modeveloperator).

Real Life

Yoshin currently resides in Quebec, Canada where she has lived for most of her life. She has recently faced housing and financial struggles.

Current Projects

  • Minus Galaxy
  • Vainqueur TCG
  • Wiggler Munch
  • Nameless Toad&Moth Game
  • Super Mario World: The Return of Wart

MFGG Comix

The comic that started it all.

MFGG Comix was a quick lived fad started by Yoshin. Originally posted in the Doodles board, she has admitted to not putting any effort into it. Regardless, its many spoofs have given the little doodle a short-fad spike that mostly consisted of people drawing their own interpretations of what happened.

It involves Yoshin introducing himself, while Jazz watches on spitefully. She then greets Alex and Sigma. Sigma, however, is not actually there, so it will forever remain a mystery as to why she sees Sigma as well. Alex claims she is working on fangames and sprites, it being "the normal stuff" (though Alex did not start spriting regularly until after the comic was published). Jazz then appears from a pipe and bans Yoshin (strangely, she pushes a button reading "BAN ED"). The comic then ends abruptly.

Yoshin made a second comic, but Mecha the Slag shut it down before it could continue to avoid drama. He also issued a warn threat for anyone who continues the fad, officially killing off the fad.

List of spoofs

Listed in chronological order:


  • She is openly transgender, and is willing to answer questions on the subject.
  • She owns every Nintendo handheld to date.
  • The username Yoshin is based on Yōshin-ryū.