Yoshi Gone MFGG

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Yoshi Gone MFGG
Developer(s) Yoshiman
Announce Date 2001
Release Date 2002
Genre Platformer
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium The Games Factory
Platform Windows
Status Scrapped
 Custom redblock.png This article is about a fangame that has ceased production.

No further work is being done on this project, and a release is not likely.

Yoshi Gone MFGG is a scrapped Yoshi fangame, that had a demo released in 2002 by a 12-year-old Yoshiman and one of MFGG's earliest games.

Yoshiman was enthralled with the MFGG libs at the time, and wanted to use them to their fullest extent. The best way to do this, in his mind, was to literally throw a Mario character (his favourite at the time being Yoshi) into several levels filled with these library graphics. Thus, the plot and motivation for the entire game was made.

Being an extremely early-era The Games Factory game, Yoshi Gone MFGG has a great many glitches and an unpolished design, making the game nearly unplayable. As such, it consistently receives very low review scores from modern players, generally 1~2 out of 10.


Yoshi tries his best not to get into Cutman's computer, but he is doomed to go in!
It is a nice day for Baby Mario and Yoshi.
But suddenly...
[The screen blackens and Cutmanmike appears]
Yoshi tries his best not to get into Cutman's computer, but he is doomed to go in!
[Yoshi is absorbed into Cutman's TGF default graphics computer]

Along with Cutmanmike, Yoshi will need to defeat Neo Hyper Yoshi and many other members of MFGG to escape from the dreaded TGF lib files completely.

It was "planned" for Yoshi to also battle Yoshiman himself, but his level was never completed. It can still be accessed with its password, but there is little to do there.


Yoshi Gone MFGG uses TGF's default Platform Movement Engine, complete with all of the problems inherent therein.

However, some modifications have been made:

  • Yoshi may Flutter Jump by holding Fire 1 / Jump
  • Yoshi may stomp enemies and bounce off of them
  • Yoshi may utilize the tongue with Fire 2, but only while standing still
  • Yoshi may throw eggs. Eggs are an unlimited supply - eating enemies gains no ammo and is simply used as a means of destroying them.

On one occasion, Yoshi will turn into "Doom Yoshi" (whose graphic was taken from a related lib he was in). Pressing Ctrl will give Doom Yoshi a burst of speed. The player must eliminate the enemies by running into them at maximum speed. Doom Yoshi will then return to regular Yoshi and may proceed with another platform segment after all enemies have been defeated in this manner.

Yoshi is also able to grab ledges, but this at no point ever becomes a factor in gameplay.


To use these, select Password from the title bar menu and input the text exactly in the given field.

NeoscoolSkip to level 2 (Neo Hyper Yoshi)
ThearockSkip to level 3 (Adalat))
yoshidmaIncomplete level (Yoshiman)

Glitches and oversights

In addition to the existing flaws within the TGF Platform Movement:

Design errors

Stop laughing!

  • Boshi teaches Yoshi how to grab ledges in NHY's stage. This feature is programmed into the engine and functions (at least, as well as the rest of the engine does), but there is nowhere in the game with any such ledges to grab.

Global glitches

  • When Yoshi successfully stomps an enemy, he bounces upwards into the air. During this time, the player may press Jump and occasionally rocket Yoshi upwards and off of the screen.
    • The player can hold Jump at any time and Yoshi will repeatedly Flutter-Jump, then jump again in midair and flutter jump once more, ad infinitum.
  • Using the tongue in midair has some effects difficult to describe, and likely painful to experience.
    • Jumping straight up from a standstill and using the tongue after landing will cause it to fly upwards out of Yoshi's back.
  • Yoshi may leave the screen, but only by using a Flutter Jump.
    • Flutter Jump warping off of the screen will warp Yoshi to the other side of the level, so in most levels warping to the left at the start will take Yoshi to the boss immediately. It is not advised to do this in Level 3, however; see Glitches.
  • Yoshi randomly refuses to throw any eggs and may become stuck in his egg-throwing pose.
  • The game sometimes crashes in different areas for inexplicable reasons.

Certain time glitches

Level 1:

  • The Paragoombas who Doom Yoshi must defeat gradually float to the right. If the player idles for too long, they will leave the hunting field's bounds and the player cannot proceed without the Flutter Jump warp glitch.
  • It is possible to have two Yoshis during the Pokey boss fight, due to a second Yoshi object being created during an attack on the boss. This Yoshi is normally destroyed, but this may occasionally fail.

Level 2:

  • Occasionally, when fighting Cutman, the game will fail to recognize the previous cutscene as having ended, in terms of allowing the player to move again. This means Yoshi becomes frozen and cannot move or attack.
    • During the second stage of the fight, Yoshi can (and arguably must) use the Flutter Jump to become stuck in the air within the screen border, then pelt Cutman with eggs without fear of retaliation.

Level 3:

  • Falling off of the screen will teleport Yoshi into the ground at the start of the level and require the program to be restarted (see Passwords to make this less irritating.)



Download Yoshi Gone MFGG from MFGG's main site

File Size: 3.91 MB