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Elly's Reference, drawn by FuPoo.
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Aliases: Ylle, Toby, DJ Elly
Real name: Ylzevich Van Müller
Interests: CPS2, Neo-Geo, Nintendo, Drawing, Programming
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Elly is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on November 28th, 2005 and is nowadays on pretty good terms with most of the forum, sometimes screws up, but regrets doing so dearly. He is one of the more sarcastic members of MFGG. Due to his fairly fuzzy use of language, people sometimes take him too seriously. Though he may appear to be calm a majority of the time, he will lose his temper if he feels he's been provoked.


At first, Ylle hadn't done much to prove himself on MFGG. The biggest thing he did was start a fad in the Pointless Post Palace as a topic named "So." However, he was later hired onto the MFGG Site Staff on April 26th, 2007 to fill the role of Quality Control. He wasn't very active as a QC member, though.

Character and Incarnations

Elly's REAL nickname is Ylle, and that's also his character's name.

His character is a turkey with a taste for hats. Ylle's allies are Priceless Penguins, Veteran Vultures and Not Too Spiteful Crows. On the other side of the fence, Ylle's sworn enemies are Worthless Wolves, Filthy Foxes and Disgusting Dragons. He also got a slew of other character who he sometimes refer to.

Elly isn't really comfy role playing as Ylle when doing it seriously; he'd rather use some of his more serious characters when role playing.

Member History

Ylle was banned once for flaming DistantJ. Elly contacted the Forum Moderator who banned him, Captain Jeff Silvers, telling him it was only a joke, but he understood he couldn't be excused. The joke had been a bad one, and Elly didn't really mind a timeout.

Ylle helped out with Awesome Game of the Day on his own initiative.

He was also an Operator on the MFGG IRC.