Welcome Messages

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Whenever a new member joins, usually most members have their own customary message to introduce themselves. Note: There has been a full-fledged welcome "speech" of sorts, and even a "tour", but it has been lost.

List of Welcome Messages:

  • Play Fire Emblem. ~ Ryo
  • Don't touch my liverwurst. ~ Duckboy
  • Welcome, and don't touch my dragon plushie, or else!! ~ Masakuni
  • Don't touch my Triforce! ~ Tri
  • Welcome to HELL ......Moskow Free Gambling Ground!
  • Run while you can. ~ Countless
  • There's no escape. ~ Countless
  • Bye. ~Countless
  • Hello, my name is Alba Garcia Clerigues. My languages are Spanish and Valencian, but I still have difficulties with English. ~ Alba Garcia Clerigues
  • Hi welcome to MFGG i am your guide and i am going to show you around k this is the couch this is the tomato and this is the golden thunder dragon statue plz do not touch thunder dragon statue or the thunder dragon statue will kill you k klobber ran over it three times so hes dead turdlantic cooks the food on a day i forgot but his food tastes **** because thats what he is oops i stepped on him time to put him in the turdlantic regenerator k hes alive again lets go watch out for the shrubs that eat meat on tuesdays shadowman is suposed to be the caretaker of the plants that eat meat on tuesday but he's lazy ass so he forgets k this is my office thats outside of the tower cuz i suk and retriever ii repairs the tower but sometimes he does the wrong thing and the whole thing breaks dont ever give him a soveryhappy or ask where retriever i is or he'll kill you k that's the end of the tour i left out all the unimportant people for times sake ~"Modified" speech by Xgoff

A lot of these messages are simply warped versions of the original message, which was spawned by "Don't touch the Golden TD statue". The old welcome message also listed a fountain with soda, a shrubbery, offices and other strange MFGG inside jokes.