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Weegee was created on 4chan from a /v/irgin by the name of MonkeyInCloset. Weegee has become a common meme in /v/, and most images he's in are made to make him look like a pedophile, or a serial killer. His disturbing image is based off the equally disturbing sprite found in the DOS game "Mario is Missing", a game where Luigi travels the world in search of his lost brother Mario (derived into Malleo) while learning things. Weegee's piercing gaze is known to rupture souls, devour minds, and, most commonly, turn the victim into a Weegee clone.

Keep him away from your children.

MFGG mainsite users used to submit Weegee sprites with disturbing frequency. These recolors of assorted Luigi sprite sheets were invariably declined quickly, but the stream of Weegee submissions never seemed to cease. After many years, the people from MFGG got tired of submitting Weegee sheets, and Weegee became a dead meme (or at least, we would like to think so).

Public Appereances

Message Boards

Weegee made an appereance in a thread named "the Weegee thread!", created by Doodleman. In this thread, Doodleman posted a photo of Weegee and was about to say something. Before he could do so, however, Doodleman stupidly looked at Weegee's eyes in the photo and contracted the Weegee virus, turning himself into Doodleegee. As Doodlegee, Weegee took control of Doodleman and changed the thread's name to "HAIL WEEGEE". Editing all of his posts and making some new ones, Weegee told everyone to kneel before him and tried to convince them to join his army so that he could take over MFGG and turn it into WFGG. Fortunately, the staff had already developed a cure for the Weegee virus, so they locked down the thread and cured all infected, preventing a possible Weegee plague in the forums.

Appearances In Fangames

New And Tasty

Weegee made an appearance in the fangame New And Tasty, in the minigame Thwomp Stomp. Here, Weegee was one of the characters to run across the bottom. However, he is the rarest character, and his presence is notified by a sound clip from Hotel Mario where Mario says "eh, Luigi?".

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