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Aliases: Flyingman356, Luigi356, Waluigi2, DoubleYooToo
Real name: Liam Reeves
Interests: Valve Games
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W_2 (Formerly known as Waluigi2) is a member of the MFGG forums. When the new forum came around, he registered as W_2 instead of Waluigi2, due to disliking the name and its origins. He is an avid player of Team Fortress 2 and has 11 hats, 6 random drop, 1 crafted, and 4 event. He also plays Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, and Urban Terror, due to the fact that it's available for mac, meaning he can play it at school with his friends.

He likes spaghetti, and commonly forgets to close his brackets.