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Aliases: VinnyVoodoo, Bibby
Real name: Vinny Hamilton (supposedly)
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VinnyVideo, who joined MFGG in 2008, is the author of over a dozen fangames, including those posted only on the forums. On October 25, 2011, he was promoted to the position of Global Moderator, and in November 2011 he also joined the mainsite Quality Control team. On January 16, 2012, he became a Wiki Sysop as well. In April 2012 he was promoted to Administrator for both the forums and mainsite.


Originally, VinnyVideo mostly made traditional side-scrolling platform games that are based on Super Mario All-Stars but include elements of other Mario games. VinnyVideo's first games employed a modified version of Hello's Super Mario Bros. Engine, before moving on to the Ultramario Engine, Hello Engine 3, and Fangamer DeeY Engine Uve. More recently, he has made numerous minigames - of varying quality - with original engines. Although VinnyVideo has experimented with both The Games Factory 2 and Game Maker, he strongly prefers Game Maker for his purposes and uses Game Maker 8 exclusively.

VinnyVideo at first preferred ripped sprites as opposed to using the custom graphics that MFGGers like Black Squirrel and Josiah have become known for. Since then he's become a little more creative with his graphical selections, especially as the SMB3 look has grown increasingly overused.

VinnyVideo originally disliked the use of MP3 files in fangames, which, in comparison to MIDIs, compress poorly in Game Maker and can cause executable files to become very large. Since some MFGG users still use slow dial-up connections, VinnyVideo tries to keep his own games down to a manageable size, often compressing bulky sound effects to allow more space for things he considers important, such as a wider variety of music and backgrounds. In recent times, VinnyVideo has become somewhat more open to the idea of using MP3 or Ogg Vorbis music files. His more recent games use soundfonted arrangements of MIDI files in Ogg format, which have earned critical acclaim.

After the release of Revenge of the Walrus, Vinny plans to retire from making full-length Mario fangames, although he still plans to make minigames and help MFGG members with their own projects. There's also a chance Vinny will finally make an indie RPG or an original platformer, although the odds of this happening are slim.


VinnyVideo is one of the most prolific reviewers on the main site, having earned a Super Reviewer badge and becoming one of the most prolific submitters on the main site thanks to his reviews. He was nominated for Best Reviewer at MFGG Awards 2009 for writing a small number of high-quality reviews. Vinny won his first MFGG Award in 2010 for Best Reviewer and was also nominated for Most Positive Contributor. In 2011 he defended his Best Reviewer title and also won awards for Jack of All Trades and Most Helpful, along with several nominations, primarily for ROTW. VinnyVideo won Best Reviewer yet again in 2012, along with the Most Positive Contributor award.

Vinny selected and wrote the Game of the Month awards for most of 2010, up until The Split, which apparently caused the end of the Monthly News topics. Beginning in January 2011, he resumed writing Game of the Month awards as stand-alone topics, except for the month he replaced his standard GOTM feature with 30 Games on MFGG Worth Playing as part of the MFGG 10th Anniversary, which also included interviews with many prominent people from MFGG's past.


VinnyVideo is a fairly frequent contributor in the MFGG forums. He always tries to maintain a level-headed, positive-oriented tone, refusing to condescend to the non-constructive negativity, dubious grammar, impolite words, and petty bickering that occurs occasionally on the message boards and main site. That said, VinnyVideo will argue vigorously for causes he believes in - especially in earlier times - and tends to be enjoy debates.

Vinny likes competitions and frequently enters them, although he used to submit rushed work that isn't of extremely high quality, and until 2013, he never earned anything higher than a third-place finish. Generally he's a better music and minigame author than a spriter or artist. In recent times, a more perfectionist tendency has tended to cause him not to enter competitions at all.

VinnyVideo created the MFGG Football event in fall 2009, originally in the Casual Conversation Castle. He was the team's "head coach," as well as the starting right cornerback. This event was run one more season in 2010.

His "MFGG Census" topics in spring 2010 eventually turned into a small fad, and the poor quality of many of the replies to those topics were used as an example in the MFGG Improvement Initiative.

VinnyVideo has been posting more frequently on the forums since the first phpBB boards opened.

In late 2010, Vinny was one of the more vocal critics of The Split, becoming increasingly skeptical of the way the place is run. He became especially annoyed at the trolling and nastiness that quickly took over at Minus World, and was also less than fond of the attitudes of the administration and community. Today Vinny seldom posts on MW but is still an active MFGG member.


A big fan of the MFGG Wiki section, VinnyVideo often creates new articles and extends existing ones. He despises poor usage of the English language and sometimes modifies articles just to correct a misspelled word. He contributed the 1,000th MFGG Wiki page, for Mario in Kirby Land. Some of those earlier entries, however, were nearly blank. VinnyVideo was familiar with the Wiki's mission statement about providing a compendium of information for all MFGGers, fangames, and fads, but wasn't fully aware that it wasn't necessary to create a page for every single member who ever submitted a sprite or made a lot of forum posts - especially if little information is available for such members. It's also true that contributing stub pages was, in previous years, encouraged, in contrast to later times. Since then, VinnyVideo has created many non-stubbed, extensive new pages for the wiki and wants to make the Wiki more accurate and useful for all. VinnyVideo was promoted to Wiki Sysop in January 2012, at the same time as Alex, Guinea, and Puddin.

Other Stuff

VinnyVideo has been designing fangames for over 15 years; the original ones were simply hand-drawn maps of remixed levels of the original games. Some of these old maps helped inspire level layouts in his "real" fangames.

VinnyVideo is an administrator on a forum of his own. Many but not all of the members on the BT Forums come from MFGG. Vinny started the forum mostly as a hangout for New MFGG members wanting a place to hang out and for people dissatisfied with MW, but as time went on the forum developed its own culture, which is positive and friendly, albeit quite inactive.

VinnyVideo is one of the most prolific walkthrough contributors at, where he has completed over 75 full guides for Mario, Zelda, Madden, F-1, and other games. VinnyVideo despises clutter and disorder and generally keeps an unusually neat desk, and he's never earned a grade worse than an "A" in college. Other than that, relatively little is known about VinnyVideo's personal life.

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