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Vimimin's ref, as seen on the staff page (at the time he was a Wiki Sysop).
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Aliases: Vitiman, Mega Vitiman Z, Nonsense, Stalin, Rystar, Windex997
Real name: Adrian Belew
Interests: Music, Art, Video Games, The Profound Surrealism of Psychedelic Rock
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Vitiman (or Vimimin) is one of MFGG's most notable active members. He is best known for creating the Super Charisma Bros. series of games, and he was also once a Wiki Sysop in 2013. Prior to the split, Vitiman was mostly known for looking up to the older members of MFGG and imitating their behaviour - to such an extent that he became a nuisance to most people. Today, Vitiman doesn't really hang around MFGG anymore, but occasionally makes an appearance or two to reassure fans of Heaven For Luigi that it will never be finished.



Vitiman initially joined on November 21, 2006 under the misspelled name "Nonsince". Most of his tenure on MFGG is that of a typical newcomer - a desire to mimic the oldbies and "cooler" members of the site, often while missing the point of what they were saying entirely.

Vitiman left MFGG in mid-2010, just prior to The Split. After a couple of years of doing his own thing and frequenting other online communities, he returned to the site in the summer of 2012, in tow with Madox. The two of them initially joined as a gag, even having the names of infamous dictators Stalin and Hitler (with matching avatars), with the joke being that they were portraying very evil historical figures but otherwise behaving entirely normally - one memorable post was Gameboy acknowledging that it was weird to be agreeing with Hitler on something.

After changing his name back to normal, Vitiman stuck around and contributed with fairly normal frequency, befriending new people, and creating the Super Charisma Bros. series of games. Unfortunately, relationships between Vitiman and some of his friends had soured, and combined with the increasing amount of younger people joining the forums at this point, had caused a rift between Vitiman and MFGG. In lashing out, he deleted a few articles on the Wiki using his Sysop powers in late September of 2013, an abuse of power primarily meant to commit account suicide, but was very ill-thought out and has left a noticeable scar on Vitiman's reputation on the site that has only in recent years began to heal.

Vitiman returned to MFGG willingly (after being unbanned) at the end of 2015, per the good word of VinnyVideo, a long-time collaborator and friend to all walruses.

He was later on promoted to Tech Admin on October 22, 2018 and then promoted to Site Staff on November 28, 2018.


  • Mario + Wario - Vitiman's first major project on MFGG, which was originally a Minigame Competition entry before being expanded into a full game. Unfortunately, Vitiman's displeasure with the old engine code has put the project on semi-permanent hiatus unless he gets the desire to re-program the whole game from scratch. Which, per his own admission, is something he's considered doing.
  • The Super Charisma Bros Series - A series of joke games Vitiman made at the height of the Skype group's popularity. Currently up to its ninth entry, the Charisma series is a modern staple of MFGG's vast homegrown joke game collection. Following the ninth game, it is unclear if any more entries are/have been planned. Vitiman has chosen not to comment on the subject, fearing negative attention directed at him and his friends. For more information about the games, please read the (lengthy) article dedicated to them here.
  • Mario's Mansion 3 - Not necessarily Vitiman's project, but he unofficially continued development of FanGuy's long awaited third game in the Mario's Mansion series. Despite not saying much about progress, Vitiman continues to reassure those curious that the game's development will continue on, if slowly due to the fact that the game is, as said above, unofficially being continued.
  • P-Switch Predicament - A joke game that was revealed on 2013. It appears as a Hello Clone, but on the inside, it is nothing like that. It uses a replica of an early version of the Hello Engine, and features levels that are based on some of the fangames made on MFGG. On December 16, 2015, Vitiman finally released the game. For the first time out of all of Vitiman's projects, P-Switch Predicament managed to win a Game of the Month award and tied for a category in the MFGG Awards.
  • Mario Visits His Great Uncle in the USSR‎ - An entry for the Minigame Competition #3 - 2016, and also the only entry to be submitted for the competition. It is based on ancient Russian myths, and despite the title, doesn't really feature Mario visiting his great uncle in the USSR, but instead features Mario in a world with mostly fire and floating skulls. This was followed in January 2018 by the critically acclaimed sequel Mario Visits His Great Uncle in the USSR 2: Communist Mario.
  • Heaven for Luigi - An unorthodox project whose development has ceased. It features Luigi who is in heaven, has wings, and stretched limbs, where he would have to stop "Santans" from destroying heaven and Earth.
  • Birdo vs. Macintosh - A sequel to Yoshi vs. Windows, which stars Birdo. Birdo is on a mission to stop Steve Jobs from ruining Windows 95, getting rid of every single dangerous Macintosh component in the mainframe Apple computer. It has an original soundtrack.


Vitiman isn't as active as he used to be, and seems to be largely disinterested in traditional fangame work, aiming instead for making surrealistic games, often silly in nature. Examples of this include the absurdist premises of most of Vitiman's volume of work from 2016 onward, which tend to feature strange plots and odd character combination mashups.

Other Communities

From summer 2012 to early 2013, Vitiman created three different "spinoff" boards - MFGG^2 (also known as Late Night MFGG, a reference to Late Night Mario), MFG3, and AltMFGG. These boards were intended to recapture the feel of the IPB-era MFGG and provide a General Chat-like hangout for MFGGers. The first two boards enjoyed modest success at first, but each successive forum was less active than the previous one, as the novelty wore off and MFGGers had a real General Chat and other communities they could use to communicate.

Vitiman also created an unofficial MFGG Skype group that inspired many of the episodes from the Charisma series. This group was not the first or only attempt at bringing MFGGers together on Skype, but it was one of the most active of any Skype groups. Unfortunately, this activity also included a fair amount of drama at times.


  • Vitiman's favorite game is Yoshi's Island.
  • Vimimin's personally knew Zappy/Madox in real life, and introduced them to MFGG.
  • Vimimin was previously well known as "MegaVitimanZ" on the Taloncrossing forums, but after the first forum switch to phpBB3, he reverted back to Vitiman.
  • Although his favorite game is Yoshi's Island, Vitiman is an avid fan of the Mega Man franchise.
  • Jokingly claims to be engaged to kirbymariomega and that they're getting married next month.
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