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Vimimin's ref, as seen on the staff page (at the time she was a Wiki Sysop).
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Aliases: Vitiman, Mega Vitiman Z, Nonsense, Stalin, Rystar, Windex997
Real name: Adrian Belew
Interests: Gaming, doodling, writing, hitting her no
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Vimimin is one of MFGG's most notable active members. She is best known for creating the Super Charisma Bros. series of games, and she was also once a Wiki Sysop in 2013. Pre-split, she was most known for being a thorn in several member's sides and causing trouble among PPP, CCC, and Lounge regulars alike.



Vimimin initially joined on November 21, 2006 under the misspelled name "Nonsince". She was originally very prideful of her ability (and as pointed out by several, too prideful) and would berate anyone who tried giving her constructive criticism. Sooner, she became more pessimistic; instead of having any pride in her works, she lost all hope whenever negative attention was brought on. This can be observed pretty clearly in the comments of some of her submissions. An example of this can be seen in her review of Late Night Mario, a joke game made by Glukom. She called all the other reviewers out for giving it high scores and dubbed them "trolls", missing the point of the game and the other reviews entirely. After some negative attention, she announced she would just remove the review because of the backlash, which was met with disappointment.


  • Super Mario Everything 2 - Vimimin's very first project, and one that was quickly canned due in part to poor reception to the demo and Vimimin's increasing disinterest towards fangaming at the time. After coming back to MFGG in 2012, Vimimin made note that the game's source had been long lost, a fact that saddened her because he had expressed desire in finishing the first big game she ever tried making.
  • Mario + Wario - Vimimin's second project, which would have eventually been finished had the source file not corrupted. Even prior to this, Vimimin lamented that the game was only slowly making progress as a result of him and Madox's very public falling out. In June 2013, however, Vimimin finally found out the source of the problem that caused the game to not work properly and has eagerly resumed development.
  • The Super Charisma Bros Series - A series of joke games Vimimin made at the height of the Skype group's popularity. A fourth entry was planned, but progress had only went so far before multiple different problems came about that forced Vimimin to end the series "permanently," with no plans to continue onward with development of the (surprisingly polished) 4th game. However, she kept churning out new sequels, and in July 2014, she posted Charisma 7 on TSR.
  • Mario's Mansion 3 - Not necessarily Vimimin's project, but she unofficially continued development of FanGuy's long awaited third game in the Mario's Mansion series. Despite not saying much about progress, Vimimin continues to reassure those curious that the game's development will continue on, if slowly due to the fact that the game is, as said above, unofficially being continued.
  • F-Zero: Reverb - A project that has been met with a very positive reaction once she had revealed it to the community. Not much else is known about it other than the two screenshots Vimimin had posted from the project in the game's thread. Although much work had been done beyond said screenshots, Vimimin would eventually announce the game's cancellation not too long afterwards, stating her reasoning was that working in the pseudo third dimension was taxing work for something that was very inaccurate and buggy at times. To make up for this, Vimimin has begun development on a Paper Mario fangame that spun out of a technical demonstration she was working on. A '.gif' animation showcasing the smooth movement has been praised by many on the forums and several have already shown anticipation for such a fangame.
  • P-Switch Predicament - A joke game that was revealed on 2013. It appears as a Hello Clone, but on the inside, it is nothing like that. It uses a replica of an early version of the Hello Engine, and features levels that are based on some of the fangames made on MFGG. On December 16, 2015, Vimimin released the game. For the first time out of all of Vimimin's projects, P-Switch Predicament managed to win a Game of the Month award and tied for a category in the MFGG Awards.
  • Mario Visits His Great Uncle in the USSR‎ - An entry for the Minigame Competition #3 - 2016, and also the only entry to be submitted for the competition. It is based on ancient Russian myths, and despite the title, doesn't really feature Mario visiting his great uncle in the USSR, but instead features Mario in a world with mostly fire and floating skulls. Vimimin had said that a sequel to the game will be made.
  • Heaven for Luigi - An unorthodox project whose development has ceased. It features Luigi who is in heaven, has wings, and stretched limbs, where he would have to stop "Santans" from destroying heaven and Earth. It appears to use at least some remixes made by Vimimin.
  • Birdo vs. Macintosh - A sequel to Yoshi vs. Windows, which stars Birdo. Birdo is on a mission to stop Steve Jobs from ruining Windows 95, getting rid of every single dangerous Macintosh component in the mainframe Apple computer. It has an original soundtrack.


The Charisma series is arguably Vimimin's most notable contribution to MFGG, community-wise. Many a laugh was had at the expense of Heavy Fire, S, Dudim, Miles and others. The games are as follows:

  • Super Charisma Bros. - No codename. The game features some of what made the later games popular in terms of humor, but otherwise seems to fall flat in retrospect. Of course, this can be excused somewhat for being the very first installment.
    • Charisma: Prog Rock Edition - Codenamed Revolver, this game is a remake of the original game (in a planned trilogy of all 3 games being remade) that uses assets from the unfinished Charisma 4, such as basic engine and some graphics.
  • Super Charisma Bros 2: Disco Edition - Starting with this game, each installment would be codenamed after a Queen album, beginning with A Kind Of Magic. Considered the best entry in the series by many, Disco Edition provides the most originality and uniqueness of the installments, thanks in part to having completely custom / resized graphics (although not all of them were made by Vimimin).
  • The Brothers Charisma: Super Charisma 3 - Codenamed The Miracle. Often considered the "zaniest" game in the series for not making much sense to the people who had inspired the game's humor, it goes back to the graphic style of the first game with some minor tweaks. Gameplay now consists of platforming segments like the first two but intercepted with several minigames played by other Charisma characters.
  • The Brothers Charisma Alt: New Super Charisma Bros - The original version of Charisma 3, back when the game went under the codename Hot Space. Released as a bonus to little fanfare some time after Charisma 3 was released, the game is a very short "tech demo" of sorts that includes pseudo 3D backgrounds and not much to offer in terms of gameplay or even humor. The game also notably has no ending; the "Rock Field Zone" is just a short area without a clear goal (as poked fun at by the title card that preceded it).
  • Super Charisma MFGG - A short April Fools game submitted to the main site in 2013, this installment preceded Charisma 4 by about a mere week or two. Codenamed Greatest Hits I, the game consists of various levels from the first 3 games hastily stuck together (notably, levels from Disco Edition suffer as a result of the game's different screen size). In addition, a "new" level is included where the player walks around as Cam in the "Hidden Hentai Palace Zone", an idea Cam had come up with for Charisma 2 that only saw the light of day when Vimimin added a DLC package to the game prior to making this compilation. Not much else is known about the game, since the only way to download it has now been purged since April Fools has long past.
  • Charisma 4 - Codenamed Innuendo. Due to various production problems and Vimimin being increasingly pushed away from the other Charisma main-players, Charisma 4 was never fully finished. Because of the emotional baggage surrounding the game for Vimimin, it will most likely never be finished, either. In spite of this, the game was the most polished of the series, sporting completely custom graphics made by Mit, a very smooth platforming engine coded by Vimimin, and a more "indie-game" feel to it. Other contributions include a few graphics by Camtendo, music by Genogenesis7 and Doc, and Miles helping with a palette bug. S, as always, didn't contribute anything.
  • Charisma 5 - Codenamed Made In Heaven, Charisma 5 was initially announced to the curiosity and frustration of many (particularly those interested in Vimimin's other project she was working on, F-Zero Reverb). After a short trailer and a screenshot, Vimimin announced that the original Charisma team had permanently disbanded and moved on. Taking a trick from this, Vimimin himself decided there were better things to do than bask in former glory all the time, and has also finally put an end to Charisma... at least, in the wake of sequels. No word about any other installments that she may or may not do out of boredom.
  • Charisma 6 is a rushed game Vimimin released right before she got herself banned from MFGG. This game's story brought the series to a hasty, and to some MFGGers, unsatisfying conclusion. However, Charisma 7 was released in 2015...
  • Charisma 7 is a new game that uses similar concepts but doesn't include any of the characters from the original games. Vimimin released it on TSR in July 2014.
  • Charisma 8 is the latest and final installment in the series. The game uses Charisma 5's engine, and brings some newcomers (as well as oldcomers) to the table. The plot involves Kirby's Adventure contacting Dudim in Jerry Seinfeld's bathroom, circa 1996, telling him that they need to round up some "time heroes". Things escalate to the point where Miles eventually squares off against Heavy fire once again, although it appears that it may possibly not be him.
  • Charisma 9 was announced sometime in 2016, following the positive reception to Charisma 8, as well as the group asking for another to be made. The game's development has ceased.


Vimimin has had disputes with kapworld, Neopolis, and TFGD in the past because of their "sarcastic personalities" in her opinion, although in retrospect, this was more or less the attitude that many had towards newbies such as Vimimin himself. While she didn't get along well with most MFGGers,Vimimin felt that she was a good spriter and was eager to join any teams in need of one, again, showing her obsessive pride. As of recent though, Vimimin turned to writing as her better talent. She would also join in on many fads, notably during the Taloncrossing era. Of these, she would sometimes try and start her own fads, usually ending in the thread dying or being derailed into a different conversation. In June 2010,Vimimin left the forums for nearly 2 years, and occasionally visited before 2010's end to see if anything interesting had happened, but eventually quit doing this and had moved on. To her surprise, she and Madox were informed by Dex that the forums had split during her absence. Even though Vimimin would occasionally visit this incarnation of the community (dubbed the Minus World), she never truly frequented it. In mid 2012, she and Madox committed account suicide on the MW via petty trolling, which Vimimin ended up regretting.

Return & Currently

Vimimin joined the latest iteration of the MFGG forums on June 18, 2012, as "Stalin", even with the communist flag as her signature. She registered as a joke, having grown frustrated with the Minus World community, and assuming most of MFGG would be more or less the same. To her surprise, however, most of that community had vanished from the new MFGG. She soon became a quality contributor, and three days later she changed her mainsite and forum account names to Vitiman.

Finally, on October 5th, 2012, Vimimin announced her leave from MFGG, now having to focus on being responsible according to her goodbye post. While not much else was revealed in why she left, her return didn't seem too likely at the time. Regardless, she began making semi-regular visits again a month or so after this announcement, presumably having whatever made him announce her departure under control. It's unknown if she will disappear again, although she has had a tendency in the past to announce her leave somewhere only to make a return not too long afterwards.

Vimimin later changed her name to Rystar as she continued her tradition of intentionally-misspelled usernames. She worked on the Super Charisma Bros. joke game series and earned some critical acclaim for her Queen parody album, "A Night of Fangames." Since then, she has announced her departure on three different occasions, every time leading to him returning a few days later. She has admitted on a few occasions of this problem, and had noted that she had been going through a rough patch in her life during the initial departure, and the other two occurrences were most likely a side-effect of the event. As of now, this problem looks to be dormant and/or gone completely, so it's entirely possible that she did manage to work against the issue, but never spoke about it.

She was promoted to Wiki Sysop in early 2013, and demoted later in the same year. She was banned on MFGG on August 27th and banned on the forums on September 29th after abusing her power as a Wiki Sysop by deleting dozens of pages on the Wiki. Fortunately these deletions were quickly undone.

Vimimin returned to MFGG on December 14, 2015. Vimimin managed to tie with Doc for Best Composer on MFGG Awards 2016.

She is currently an active member who sometimes reviews old fangames on the main site and is working on a few projects.

Other Communities

From summer 2012 to early 2013, Vimimin created three different "spinoff" boards - MFGG^2 (also known as Late Night MFGG, a reference to Late Night Mario), MFG3, and AltMFGG. These boards were intended to recapture the feel of the IPB-era MFGG and provide a General Chat-like hangout for MFGGers. The first two boards enjoyed modest success at first, but each successive forum was less active than the previous one, as the novelty wore off and MFGGers had a real General Chat and other communities they could use to communicate.

Vimimin also created an unofficial MFGG Skype group that inspired many of the episodes from the Charisma series. This group was not the first or only attempt at bringing MFGGers together on Skype, but it was one of the most active of any Skype groups. Unfortunately, this activity also included a fair amount of drama at times.


  • Vimimin's favorite game is Yoshi's Island.
  • Vimimin has had a habit in the past to make fangames that usually get canned, more than likely a direct result of being a large procrastinator with projects.
  • Vimimin's best friend on MFGG was Zappy/Madox, prior to their falling out.
  • Vimimin had an unhealthy obsession with LuigiFan, to the point where her personal Web site used to be "" and her location was "LuigiFan's Mansion".
  • Despite not being liked by some members, she is often considered one of the better "average" members on MFGG due to having a likable personality.
  • Vimimin was previously well known as "MegaVitimanZ" on the Taloncrossing forums, but after the first forum switch to phpBB3, she reverted back to Vitiman.
  • Although her favorite game is Yoshi's Island, Vimimin is an avid fan of the Mega Man franchise.
  • Jokingly claims to be engaged to kirbymariomega and that they're getting married next month.
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