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From Left to Right: Randy Jones, David Hodo, Felipe Rose (Top), Victor Willis (Bottom), Glenn Hughes, and Alex Briley.

The Village People are a 1970s American disco group known mostly for their hit songs "Y.M.C.A.", "Macho Man", "In The Navy" and "Go West", along with their distinctive stages costumes.

Attack of the Village People

On August 18th, 2006, six duplicate accounts were created on the MFGG Forums and a topic was posted in the General Chat by Ray Simpson (the front man and leader) called:

We are the Village People!

All members of the Village People posted in the thread one after the other. Many MFGGers were amused and bewildered at what was going on. Some thought Mugenmidget was the perpetrator, since he was permabanned a few months earlier for the Phishfest on April 20th, 2006, and was widely known for creating dozens of dupe accounts. Others speculated that the administration was behind the accounts to tie in with the MFGG Awards 2006 joke category "Best Member of the Village People". Due to how well coordinated and fast the Village People posted after each other, some questioned whether or not more than one person was behind this. Regardless, many MFGGers called for the dupes to be banned.

MFGG Awards 2006 Hijack

A few minutes later, many of the Village People started posting in the MFGG Awards 2006 Nomination Topic, begging MFGGers to vote for them as the "Best Member of the Village People". Felipe Rose said: "Vote me for best Village People member!". Tragic then replied to Felipe Rose, saying "I voted for you."

Banning and Culprit

Eventually, Captain Jeff Silvers permabanned all of the Village People accounts, then posting: "Apparently it's not as fun to stay at the M-F-G-G." before locking the thread. This confirmed that the Village People accounts were not made by the forum staff, but rather someone else altogether.

Several posts made by the Village People were deleted, presumably because they contained either pornographic images or other offensive content. It was later learned that Sergeant Jinpen created all six of the Village People accounts, although he never got punished for it.

The Village People


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