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My article can't possibly be complete without an unneccessary talk page, can it? - BS


Actually the July 2007 War was the fifth Team Wars. I remember there was a war before the current one, and after the third one. Unless that one was unofficial. Stanleyscup07

Actually, there's only three so far, the fourth coming up on August 1st.-GG

Ah, so that's what it is. Alright. -Stanleyscup07 19:55, 26 July 2007 (EDT)

You know, you could have just made a talk page on the team wars article rather than spreading it to mine ;) - BS

Black Squirrel, I've got a question for you. Is it OK to include MFGG Wiki entries for games that aren't available at MFGG - for example, older Mario fangames that were made before MFGG existed? There are a lot of games like that at sites such as Caiman Games. Please tell me what you think; then I'll delete this line on your "Talk" page.

And don't worry; I'm still working in expanding my numerous new articles discussing the work of newer "MFGGers." - VinnyVideo--VinnyVideo 21:56, 22 December 2008 (EST)