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Joey was a former Administrator, Moderator, and Wiki Sysop of MFGG.

On June 22nd, 2007, Joey became a moderator for the General Chat but lost this title on November 14th, 2007. He last visited the forums in early 2011. He technically held Wiki Sysop powers for several years after leaving MFGG, but this was no longer reflected in his forum account.


  • Joey is the first member to earn more than five of every Drawing Competition badge: 5+ Gold, 5+ Silver, 5+ Top Five. This means he was no longer able to receive Drawing Competition badges on the old forum. The new phpBB forum, however, has a system that allows users to receive more than 5 badges. He has since stopped contributing to drawing competitions due to other work bogging him down.

Joey is also featured as the final boss in MFGG Story.


Former administrator ShadowMan once told Joey that he'll regret being a moderator and hate himself after four days.

Joey was a strict moderator, and without most of his colleagues being active he often made decisions that were supposed to be out of his power. Joey was so strict, however, that some MFGGers (many of which were once or twice put on the permabanned list) became vexed over his position of power and protested many of the decisions he made. He was the target of many flames (ironically against the rules Joey upheld), and even the subject of an entire subforum on an underground MFGG-related website.

Joey’s demeanor on the forums prior to his position was reflective of his personality as a moderator. Having the privilege of being friends with the administration at the time, he often got away with flaming and harassing other members. He would often exploit the “no outside disputes” rule to harass members via AIM or LiveJournal.


On November 14th, 2007, Joey was de-modded after Retriever II left his position as admin.

Joey stuck around until 2011, until a member he did not like was promoted to moderator. He dramatically announced he was done with the forums, much to the amusement of several members who were not fans of him.


Joey is a big fan of the Legend of Zelda series, the Metroid series, Half-Life, Killing Floor and Team Fortress 2. Lately, however, he has found little time to do much gaming outside of TF2 because of work and social life. He once dabbled in Fan Gaming and reviewing fangames, and gained his Big Help Badge by working around the clock with Shadowman to create thumbnails for all of the sprite sheet submissions on MFGG. He would like to get back into it once he finds the time. He currently keeps up with former staff members Klobber, and Trasher, among many others.

He is no longer friends with Shadowman for unknown reasons, confirmed when Shadowman wrote a retrospective claiming they “were” good friends, followed by a statement that Joey’s only contributions were posting memes and harassing other members. Sources mention that the two had a falling out over political beliefs.

He is also the creator and main administrator of a Team Fortress 2 server for MFGGers called "Video Game Lord's Domain," originally started as an alternate server to Mecha the Slag's own TF2 server at the time.

Fad Creations

Hitler On Ice

Hitler On Ice is an old ex-fad on MFGG that moved on to its own web space, created by ShadowMan and Joey. This fad usually consisted of scrolling dancing Hitler GIFs moving to an embed of a Rammstein song. (2002-2003)

This moved from individual topics in the PPP to its own webpage on Joey's twisted side of Hocus Pocus, against Retriever II's wishes.

On the bottom of the flash page, and soon after the Hitler On Ice 2 page, was the History of tin cans. See: History Of Cans and 20th Century Fish

In 2004, a fake store was created which showed off a whole page of Dancing Hitler T-shirts and hoodies of all sizes. All links, however, returned you back to the top of the store page.

Later in 2004, Hitler On Ice 2 was created. However, this sequel was really just a vibrating "HITLER ON ICE 2" logo with a horrible speaker-destroying sound, which was dubbed The Noise. This was in response to a fan asking to be sent Hitler On Ice 2 through an e-mail the minute it was complete.

Although these animations were very well received by the general public, a select few members were quite displeased with them.

Other creations such as the real Hitler On Ice 2, Education Yourself, Intermission, Pirates, and The Making Of Bagel Chips: The Documentary: The Animation were spawned from the 20th Century Fish website.

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