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Aliases: Colonel Sanders
Tio Billy
Real name: Phil
Interests: Politics

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ShadowMan, whose current whereabouts are unknown, was one of the founders of NCFC alongside Yoshiman and was a mostly successful MFGG Forums administrator known for his patience and charm, a sort of foil to his temperate brother and former site staff Parakarry. ShadowMan served from 2003 to 2007, from the age of 13 to 17.

ShadowMan's irreverent, off-beat, and off-color behavior and style of humor gained him equal parts respect and scorn. ShadowMan's inexperience with community management early in his tenure, and his being 13 and all, led him to make a number of controversial and arguably poor decisions.

On June 18th, 2007, ShadowMan resigned from his administrator position. As his final act of service, he started the main site's Review Drive. After leaving MFGG, ShadowMan attended American University in Washington, D.C., majoring in political science (at least that's what the government wants him to think.)

Other forum contributions

Game development

ShadowMan has only released two legitimate fangames:

However, he would occasionally release non-serious fangames such as the Mario's Time Battle series and Live in a buttock. His "magnum opus" fangame project, Luigi's Game, was canceled after years of false starts, inactivity, and overproduction.


ShadowMan is largely responsible for the proliferation of Waligie, a character spawned from another member's horrendous typological error form of Waluigi. ShadowMan himself made several games themed upon Waligie, and others followed.

Pranks and tomfoolery

ShadowMan frequently changed sections of the board and created a number of forum events, such as ITF we are muscular trapeze artists and the Stupidity Discharge.

ShadowMan is responsible for many of MFGG's ridiculous memes or fads. He was the co-creator of Hitler on Ice and Waligie and was fond of posting the History of Cans, Challenges. He was also an active participant in most forum events where he would continuously up the ante over Kritter's protests.

ShadowMan's position as an administrator and his potent imagination allowed him to create over-the-top April Fool's Pranks every April 1st, generally involving major aesthetic changes to the forums. Retriever II, as system administrator, would often respond with a prank targeted exclusively at ShadowMan, such as intentionally and temporarily damaging board functionality to make ShadowMan think he had done it.

Games Developed by ShadowMan
Full Games
Mario's Time Battle | Mario's Time Battle 2 | Mario's Time Battle 3 | Wario Eats Everything
Mario's Flooded Floors | New And Tasty
Joke Games
Mainstream Waligie | Live in a buttock
Cancelled Games
My Dead Little Yoshi Fangame | Luigi's Game