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Neo Hyper Yoshi

Neo Hyper Yoshi, as drawn by Stixdude
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Aliases: NHY, Zero The One ( 2002 )
Interests: Computers, Art, Reading, Music
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Neo Hyper Yoshi ( or NHY for short ) is an MFGG oldbie that has being around the site in some shape or form since its launch in 2001. Although quiet in comparison to other members, he still played an important in the early days of MFGG, most notably being a central figure in Anti - SFGHQ in early 2002. He has being active in every incarnation of the MFGG Message board. Today, he remains modestly active.

2000 - 2001: Beginings

Before MFGG even existed, he hung around other sites, including SFGHQ, Bowser Technologies and Freakzone from late 2000. He didn't post much at this point but lurked these sites regularly.

His initial user name was Hyper Yoshi, which appeared as a local account on Ezboard incarnations of Bowser Technologies and SFGHQ. His character was a simple edit of Yoshi; One that flashes many colours. This character still exists to this day in a slightly more original form than its original appearance.

He was among one of the first to register on MFGG when it did launch in the Summer of 2001, opting to register a global Ezboard account at this time. However, a glitch meant a registration email for Hyper Yoshi never got sent out. As a compromise, he decided to add another word to beginning so that he could register. Thus, Neo Hyper Yoshi was born.

2001: Early Days on MFGG

Initially, Neo Hyper Yoshi was first thrown into the spot light as a noob on SFGHQ, suggesting a 9/11 fan game idea only a week after the events. While he relented on this idea and in the process, became friends with Nite Shadow, the hostile attitude that SFGHQ had towards him and Nite would cause him to become more active on MFGG. As MFGG was then a newer and much smaller community, he became a part of the circle that formed between members at this time.

He became friends with many of the members who here at this point, including Fireball3K, Yoshiman and Nite to count a few. He also created a few libs that while very crude, were held in high regard. He did however get a bit carried away with this, going as far as creating a nude peach sprite for one such lib.


In early 2002, Neo Hyper Yoshi created the infamous Anti - SFGHQ fourm, designed as an attack on SFGHQ's perceived harsh attitude towards newbies. While absent from the bulk of the dispute, when he did appear he did help by starting healing process between the 2 sites and MFGGers, himself included, became more active on SFGHQ.

Neo Hyper Yoshi was active around the time of the Great Kyle Flame War and was infuriated by the disrespectful attitude he had towards other members and finally snapped when ' Kyle ' deleted MFGG.

At this time, details about Neo Hyper Yoshi's personal life began to creep onto to MFGG. Without going into too much detail, he was basically having a very hard time at home and was pretty depressed because of all of it. His personal problems would begin to take over his posts on MFGG, particularly in the Summer of 2002. Also at this time, he adopted an alternative alias of ' Zero The One. '

Neo Hyper Yoshi was able to overcome his personal problems by the end of 2002 and was present over Christmas of that year.

2003 - 2006

Neo Hyper Yoshi slowly became less active beginning from mid 2003, owing to personal obligations and losing interest in fangaming in general. He officially ' retired ' from fangaming at some point in 2004. He steadily became less active but still kept on eye on the forums every now and again.

There would be times where spike in activity, such as when Kritter resigned as an administrator in 2004. Generally speaking, however, he was a very quiet member at this time, even making ' leaving ' posts several times.

2007 - Present

Neo Hyper Yoshi remained as a lurker, only occasionally posting. There would be weeks where he would not post at all.

He did however, have an MFGGU account but never got beyond the playpen and was wasn't really active there either.

He was ticked off by the Yoshiman PM Scandal as he felt that Yoshiman, who was an old friend of his, had gotten a really raw deal from the whole thing. Appalled by this, he made yet another leaving post, stating that he was angry at the forum members for their attitude over the issue.

However, he remained as a lurker for quite some time afterwards and became modestly active again in 2009. He was among one of the first members to receive a Ultra Happy Heart badge when the feature was added to the old incarnation of the forums. He would later be among the first to register an account on MFGG 3.0 when it opened.

In 2009, he also participated in MFGG's Secret Santa for the first time where he did a drawing for Apoc. He then later volunteered as a Santa Helper due the fact some members did not receive a gift in the initial run. In this case, he did a drawing for Yak

Today, he is modestly active and posts several times a week on the forums. He generally refrains from talking about his personal life, opting to keep quiet on it.